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150 Most Popular PUA Books 

The Sex God Method by Daniel Rose
Welcome to The Sex God Method. By purchasing this book, you've taken a huge step towards improving your sex life and relationships. The Sex God Method is a complete and comprehensive guide to sexual mastery. But, before reading it, there are a few things you should know. First, you are taking a... >>More<<
Deadly Seduction Manuscript by Derek Rake
Imagine how wonderful it would be if every woman that you meet starts to like you within the first few minutes? Wouldn't life be great if the females around you are attracted to you naturally? We often do see men who have swarms of females around them, and we tend to think that it would be because... >>More<<
The October Man Sequence by In10se
The October Man eBook (in PDF form). If there was ever one single specialized seduction pattern that generated the most buzz in the community, doubtless it was "The October Man Sequence". Of course, when it was created, I don't think that was its name, but it was so secret that when Neil Strauss... >>More<<
The Blueprint by Tyler Durden
What follows is a rough blueprint of social dynamics as I presently understand it. It is a sketch of the continually evolving software that exists in my mind, having spent years as a pickup artist. If you wish to benefit from this knowledge read it continually, and go out and practice every day... >>More<<
How To Talk To Anyone 92 Little Tricks For Big Success by Leil Lowndes
Leil Lowndes' How to Talk to Anyone offers 101 time-tested hints, tips, and techniques for confidently communicating with others. A bestselling author and renowned communications consultant, Lowndes focuses on ice-breaking skills and communication techniques that are proven successful when making a... >>More<<
The Attraction Code by Vin Dicarlo
Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that by the sheer fact of being a man, you can attract women? Do you believe that attracting quality women involves things beyond using pickup lines, routines or techniques? Do you know HOW to develop that inner strength and confidence that makes you... >>More<<
The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading by Ian Rowlands
Ian Rowlands, "Full Facts Book of Cold Reading". This is the only Cold Reading book endorsed by Derren Brown, and the one which provided all the source material for one of Derren's earliest TV appearances. So if you want the real work, this is the book.So what's all the fuss about? Cold Reading is... >>More<<
How To Dominate by Gary Brodsky
HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN is written in a clear, easy-to-follow format, with step-by step instructions, this book is easily understood by any man. You will not only know how to use these methods, but precisely and why they work so well on the female mind. * Pick up, seduce and dominate any woman... >>More<<
The G Spot Code.pdf by Gabrielle Moore
"Take The G-Spot Expedition, And In A Few Minutes Discover the Secrets to Inducing Mind-Blowing, Toe-Currrling, Endless Cascading Orgasms for Her Each Time You Have Sex As If On Command... Guaranteed!"* You Don't Want Any of the Pressure or Frustration, THIS Is What You Want to Happen...* You want... >>More<<
How To Flirt And Create Hypnotic Conversations With Women by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flirt Mastery) - How to Flirt and Create Hypnotic Conversations with Women. It's pretty painful to meet guys who make the same mistakes that once caused me so much heartache. Every time it happens, I'm brought back to those lonely nights when I could only dream of a different... >>More<<
Get Anyone To Do Anything by David Lieberman
Tired of being manipulated and taken advantage of? Want to learn how to influence and motivate others, turn associates into friends, and win in any competition? Then consider reading Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again by David J. Lieberman, bestselling author of Never Be Lied... >>More<<
Revelation by Venusian Arts
This e-book can be bought as either a stand alone e-book, or with additional DVD's of the Revelation seminar and CD's titled 'Inside Mystery's Brain.'The e-book is enourmous. It comes in at 12 chapters and about 300 pages. This thing covers every topic you could possibly imagine when it comes to... >>More<<
All Pua Routines From Mysterymethod Forum Database by Sheek
This is the forum database for all routines, techniques, and tips related to pickup. We hope this will continue to evolve, with members adding content every day. Enjoy! NOTE: This is a proper database file that many aPUAs will use to boost their game. That means you need to... >>More<<
No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover
This controversial e-book phenomenon became a best-seller and landed its author, a certified marriage and family therapist, on The O'Reilly Factor and the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Dr. Robert Glover has devoted his career as a psychotherapist to freeing men from what he was dubbed the "Nice Guy... >>More<<
Secrets Of The Alpha Man by Carlos Xuma
Secrets of the Alpha Man ebook is the first to bring together the success principles with pickup and attracting women and the skills that make a man ALPHA. These are the bedrock principles of the Alpha Man, and how he can shape his life into the success that he desires. Secrets of the Alpha Man is... >>More<<
Mind Reading Tricks Volume 1 by Derren Brown
The effects I'm revealing in this book are some of the strongest in all of mental magic. All of these effects can be successfully performed by a complete beginner almost immediately. Please, do yourself justice though, read through the book several times and practice by speaking out loud. If you do... >>More<<
Speed Rapport Workbook Patterns And Themes by In10se
Relationship themes are great conversational tools that not only make interesting superficial conversation, but can quickly move you to social and deeper personal levels. I've outlined some of my favorite themes. Feel free to add your own insights and make these themes fit your personality and... >>More<<
Enlightened Seduction The Way Of The Natural Conversation Examples by Zan Perrion
This is pdf book with conversation examples from Zan Perrion Enlightened Seduction - The Way of the Natural DVD Set. I want to start off by saying you'll need an open mind if you're going to read this review. The product is definitely outside what mainstream society finds "acceptable," and will... >>More<<
Rules Of David X by David X
Follow this rules and you'll never need to question what to do next or whether what you are doing is right for the PU. What he talked about didn't include things like Cialdini principals of social proof or examples of group-set tactics that guys like Mystery like to use (although these things will... >>More<<
Game by In10se
This book is about Charisma - among other things. It's about skillful human interaction and most of all, about "Game". So what is this thing called "Game"? Well, have you ever interacted with someone that you were just drawn to? Maybe you felt an underlying sense of trust and comfort, and maybe... >>More<<
Be Relentless by David X
You are MINUTES AWAY from getting your hands on the very last e-book you will ever need to get your love life handled... once and for all. You are NOT here by accident. Something inside of you compelled you to visit this page because you are man who wishes to learn honesty, trust and respect. Let... >>More<<
The Dicarlo Escalation Ladder by Vin Dicarlo
Mysterious and suave Vin DiCarlo is one of pickup artists that has an ineffable aura surrounding him. He seems to be a true natural in the field, yet once you listen to what he has to teach, you see that there is a very concise, orderly, almost coded method behind his moves. DiCarlo puts a lot of... >>More<<
The October Man Pattern by In10se
If there was ever one single specialized seduction pattern that generated the most buzz in the community, doubtless it was "The October Man Sequence". Of course, when it was created, I don't think that was its name, but it was so secret that when Neil Strauss wrote his now-famous book "The Game:... >>More<<
The Seduction Method by Carlos Xuma
Seduction Method is an e-book written by Carlos Xuma a self profess guru in this topic with lots of hands-on experience. Here, he shares his understanding and knowledge of the art of seducing women with you and getting laid. The ultimate goal of a seduction is sex - and this book shows you how... >>More<<
The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida
A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire. The Ultimate Spiritual Guide for Men. What is your true purpose in life? What do women really want? What makes a good lover? If you're a man reading this, you've undoubtedly asked yourself these questions-but you may... >>More<<
Female Ejaculation Mastery by Gabrielle Moore
Welcome to the Female Ejaculation Mastery. Now that we have divulged the secret of finding the female G-Spot, we encourage you to explore the excitement of Female Ejaculation held within these pages.Now, keep in mind that ejaculating via G-Spot stimulation is entirely up to you. You control the... >>More<<
Mind Lines Lines For Changing Minds by Michael Hall
This book will teach you how to recognize and use the magic of language. Mind-Lines reworks "Sleight-of-Mouth" patterns using the 'logical' level system of Meta-States. In doing so the authors bring order, understanding, and magic to the use of language in influencing, persuading, selling,... >>More<<
Mind Os The Operating System Of The Human Mind by Dr Paul
When I started work on this technology a decade ago, I had no idea how powerful it would become for people. I simply wanted to make psychology easy for them to understand, for people just like you to know everything I know about the human mind. What I found is that through using diagrams, the... >>More<<
Real World Seduction by Swinggcat
In the last few years several books have been written, audio courses made, and seminars given for increasing a man's success with women. Some of these books and audio courses have some great ideas, however, a lot of what they say is coming from the wrong frame (guys, we will talk about what frames... >>More<<
The Art Of Approaching 2nd Edition by Thundercat
The most important part of dating and seduction has to do with being able to meet the kind of women you want. The problem is, most guys can't do that! They may get tongue-tied, don't know what to say, or just simply freeze up -- paralized with fear!The good news is that now there is a book that can... >>More<<
The Dating Black Book by Carlos Xuma
Carlos Xuma reveals the secret way to use social dynamics to create that "It" factor in your life and get women in your life Now with his Dating Black Book. Carlos gives you genuine advice on what women find attractive in a man and shows you specific knowledge to actually attract more women and... >>More<<
Mind Power Seduction by Amargi Hillier
The techniques and instructions that you are about to learn in this book will change your life forever! The idea that you have the power within you to change your reality is not a far fetched concept. People have be doing it for eons. Some non mainstream religions preach this, and even some species... >>More<<
How To Get Her To Take Her Clothes Off by Chris Jackson
In this special Bonus Report, you will learn some of my best secrets for getting your date to want to remove her clothes when you're making out. After all, persuasion is really about getting another person to want to do what you want them to do. Before we begin, let me also stress what this report... >>More<<
Mentalism Tricks by Derren Brown
The effects I'm revealing in this book and some of the strongest in all of mental magic. All of these effects can be successfully performed by a complete beginner almost immediately. Please, do yourself justice though, read through the book several times and practice by speaking out loud. If you do... >>More<<
Seduction Guide by Badboy Lifestyle
The Badboy LifeStyle Seduction Guide is now available for the first time ever to men who are ready to learn REAL Game from the European Masters... Discover The Natural Seducer Already Inside You And Unleash Your Full Power As A Man With The Comprehensive Guide To The Most Effective Form Of... >>More<<
Speed Seduction Technical Manual by Dave Riker
This is TEXTBOOK transcription to series of audio lectures on the CDs. The text in this book will also include notes, definitions, instructions and graphics which are not on the CDs. Some of these items may be referred to on the CD audio, others may not--this is by design. It's also another reason... >>More<<
Women On Top How Real Life Has Changed Women Fantasies by Nancy Friday
Nancy Friday's international bestsellers "My Secret Garden" and "Forbidden Flowers" revealed that women possess erotic imaginations at least as inventive and powerful as those of men. "Women on Top" looks at a new generation of women and asks: what are women's sexual fantasies today? How have they... >>More<<
The Dating Wizard Secrets To Success With Women by Michael Webb
How would you like to learn the NATURAL way to pick up women, from a guy who has PROVEN his methods in the real world, teaching REAL GUYS how to INSTANTLY pick up GORGEOUS WOMEN anywhere - at bars, clubs, cafes, and even right out on the street!!! This is not some illusion, it's a fact, publicly... >>More<<
The King Warrior Magician And Lover by Dr Paul
This is the most powerful story for romance, business, and social power you will ever read. It is a concept so easy to understand and practice in your everyday life that you will kick yourself for never realizing it. And this story must be read symbolically, looking for hidden meanings in order to... >>More<<
Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman
In this national bestseller -- Martin Seligman's most stimulating, persuasive book to date -- the acclaimed author of Learned Optimism introduces yet another revolutionary idea. Drawing on groundbreaking scientific research, Seligman shows how Positive Psychology is shifting the profession's... >>More<<
Emotions Revealed Recognizing Faces And Feelings by Paul Ekman
Emotions determine the quality of our lives. They occur in every relationship we care about--in the workplace, in our friendships, in dealings with family members, and in our most intimate relationships. They can save our lives, but they can also cause real damage. They may lead us to act in ways... >>More<<
More Than Friends How To Turn Your Female Friend Into Your Girlfriend by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flitr Mastery) - More Than Friends How to Turn Your Female Friend Into Your Girlfriend. I really like this one do I get her? This is a question I always seem to get from my newsletter subscribers. So that's why I've decided to create a special report that focuses on helping... >>More<<
Nlp Sleight Of Mouth Patterns by David Barron
The Slight of Mouth Patterns are extreamly pithy comments/questions that are designed to attack the heart of a belief. It is important to note that SoM can be used equally to reinforce an existing belief. The origin of Sleight of Mouth patterns comes from people whom it was observed never lost an... >>More<<
How To Be A Lady Killer by Ann May
How To Be a Lady Killer is written by a dating expert and beauty salon owner Ann May. During her years in the beauty salon, Ann has listened to thousands of women sharing their thoughts and wishes on relationship. She has found out that deep down all women want the same from a relationship. In... >>More<<
Flirt Mastery Quick Start Guide by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flirt Mastery) - Flirt Mastery "Quick Start" GuideIn the Flirt Mastery guide, I practically 'spilled my guts' and listed every conversation tactic that I've used in my life. As a result, the guide is pretty lengthy (over 280 pages.) From the feedback of a few guys, I've been asked to... >>More<<
The Facebook Pickup Method by Derek Lamont
This is an Online Game Preview Report! It Covers The First 2 Parts Of My Online Game Bonus Product On Picking Up Attractive Women On Facebook. Meeting people of the net used to be considered taboo. But we live in a new era where the likes of Facebook, MySpace, Plenty of Fish, and other... >>More<<
The Ten Laws Of Being A Man by Dr Paul
How to Instantly Overcome the Ten Pitfalls of Masculine Life, & Master the Ten Skills That Are Yours Forever When You Do.A very long time ago I realized that being a man was not going to be something that would just happen to me as I passively wait. As a boy, I thought that if I simply worked hard... >>More<<
Unlimited Selling Power How To Master Hypnotic Selling Skills by Donald Moine
This book applies Ericksonian hypnotic techniques to the interpersonal sales process. It covers developing rapport through pacing, using stories and metaphors, eliciting criteria and developing script books amongst many more. This book is full of penetrating insights. If I had one book only on the... >>More<<
The Secret Language Of Women by C Kellogg
The Secret language of women. Keywords and their meaning. >>More<<
Original Forbidden Patterns by Alex Domnikov
This one is the "bad boy" of all patterns. Anyone who has studied SS and NLP and has come into contact with the Door pattern, has found it to be evil and cruel, playing on the fears and deep insecurities of women. To give you an idea of how bad this pattern actually is - even Ross Jeffries himself... >>More<<
Female Orgasm Black Book Best Sex Positions by Lee Jenkins
There was a lot of work that went into putting this document together. I can't tell you how many countless hours are spent putting together this manual. That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers may want to share it.The man on top (missionary) position... >>More<<
Complete Articles Collection.pdf by Tyler Durden
A collection of PUA MUST READ articles by Tyler Durden, Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics (RSD), Featured in the New York Times BestsellerThe Game by Neil Strauss (Style) and author of The BluePrint. Tyler Durden was the antagonist in The Game and now runs the very succesful pickup company Real... >>More<<
How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You by Leil Lowndes
Hard to believe anything other than luck and maybe fate, never mind a book, can make someone fall in love with you, but oddly enough, Leil Lowndes seems to offer the advice that can do just that in How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. The sensation of falling in love comes from a chemical... >>More<<
Black Op And Psy Op Cia Tactics For Getting Women by Gary Brodsky
These techniques are the real deal, frightening, powerful. Effective. Used and field tested by every intelligence agency world wide, this material cannot be found anywhere else. And They WORK! For anyone who knows how to apply them- this book is full of easy and amazing techniques that always work.... >>More<<
The Juggler Method by Juggler
Wayne's book shows you exactly how to talk to women without having to memorize a bunch of cheesy, canned routines. You basically unleashing your own personality through this very simple framework. You'll never run out of things to talk about and you'll know that the girls actually like you for... >>More<<
The Player Black Book by The Player
This book contains ALL of my personal favorite pick-up techniques that I have used successfully hundreds of times in the past. These are the absolute BEST tricks and secrets that I've learned through years of practice... and they are so effective that I've withheld them from the public... UNTIL... >>More<<
How To Become Alpha Male by John Alexander
It's no surprise that women are drawn toward the top dog, the leader of the pack, the alpha male. I recently picked up a copy of John Alexander's book How to Become an Alpha Male. This book is great for building some fundamentals of inner game. This book will help rewire your brain to make your... >>More<<
Body Language by Julius Fast
Body Language helps you to understand the unconscious body movements and postures that provide intimate keys to what a person is really thinking and the secrets of their true inner selves. You will learn how to read the angle of shoulders, the tilt of a head, or the tap of a foot, in order to... >>More<<
Seduction Language Patterns by Thegurudev
Seduction patterns first gained popularity back in the early 1990's through the marketing of Ross Jeffries and his "Speed Seduction" study courses. While giving men that had nothing to say a boost with his scripted patterns, many of them were just plain silly. I feel badly for the men that actually... >>More<<
Female Orgasm Black Book Oral Sex Secrets by Lee Jenkins
There was a lot of work that went into putting this document together. I can't tell you how many countless hours are spent putting together this manual. That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers may want to share it.These oral sex techniques are best... >>More<<
Secret Principles Of Pleasure A Lovers Manual Of Secrets by In10se
How would you like to get inside the mind of someone who knows the secrets to a woman's body... with an intricate knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of sex, with techniques that have been tried and perfected with repeatable results over and over again? How would you like to apply these secrets... >>More<<
How To Amplify Sexual Attraction Through Text Messaging by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flirt Mastery) - Texting Tactics How to Amplify Sexual Attraction Through Text Messaging. In the Texting Tactics report, I break down an integral, yet widely underutilized part of your game- Text messaging. Used in the right way, 'texting' women is THE best way to quickly amplify the... >>More<<
Supreme Self Confidence by Carlos Xuma
For those of you familiar with the Three S's in The Dating Black Book program, Self-Confidence is probably the most important of the three, amounting for perhaps 50% of the total. It is a demonstrated characteristic, as we discussed before, and it is primarily action-based, meaning that you can... >>More<<
Female Orgasm Black Book Advance Fingering Techniques by Lee Jenkins
There was a lot of work that went into putting this document together. I can't tell you how many countless hours are spent putting together this manual. That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers may want to share it.If your friends think this... >>More<<
The Secrets Of Mature Masculine Power by Dr Paul
Since my finalizing in 1999 of the first unification theory of psychology, called Mind OS, the operating system of the human mind, I have worked to help people of all walks of life with the technology. Over those years I have come to take a special interest in the unique needs of men in the... >>More<<
How To Succeed With Women by Ron Louis
This is a book for men with a sense of humor. Most importantly, it is a book for men who want to get physical with attractive, interesting women. Toward that end, the book is chocked full of outstanding suggestions. But the most two important pieces of manly advice in the book are: 1. draw... >>More<<
The Users Manual For The Brain by Michael Hall
The User's Manual for the Brain - The Complete Manual for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification. L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. says concerning this manual, "Dr. Bob Bodenhamer developed this manual for Running Your Own Brain over a seven year period as he taught NLP for Adult Education... >>More<<
Hypnotize Your Lover Deeper by Wendi Friesen
The complete guide to MASTER the art of hypnotic sedction STIMULATE your lover with erotic hypnosis scripts RELEASE sexual dysfunction Hypnotize Your Lover- deeper. The book that will teach you the art of hypnotic seduction, how to hypnotize your lover for erotic adventures, and overcome sexual... >>More<<
My Voice Will Go With You The Teaching Tales Of Milton Erickson by Milton Erickson
Milton H. Erikson has been called the most influential hypnotherapist of our time. Closely related to his therapy was his use of "teaching tales." Calling upon shock, surprise, confusion--with generous use of questions, puns, and playful humor--he seeded suggestions indirectly and positively with... >>More<<
How To Attract And Seduce Sexy Single Women With Your Eyes by Asf
Article describes how to attract women with your eyes. In conversation, look into the eyes of the woman you're talking with. Direct eye contact says, "I'm listening. I want to hear more." To show agreement and interest, occasionally raise and lower youreyebrows. When she's talking, listen with... >>More<<
The Psychology Of Persuasion by Kevin Hogan
The Psychology Of Persuasion: How To Persuade Others To Your Way Of Thinking will show how to ethically direct others toward your point of view. Author Kevin Hogan teaches the skills of persuasion drawn from techniques as diverse as hypnosis, neurolinguistics, the Bible, and successful salespeople... >>More<<
The October Man Sequence Audio.mp3 by In10se
The October Man eBook (in PDF form). If there was ever one single specialized seduction pattern that generated the most buzz in the community, doubtless it was "The October Man Sequence". Of course, when it was created, I don't think that was its name, but it was so secret that when Neil Strauss... >>More<<
How To Instantly Attract Any Woman by Simon Heong
This is huge 430+ pages guidebook to "Instant Attraction Program" by Simon Heong. Most important thing you should know about the "Instant Attraction Program": These strategies will work for ANYONE, no matter how "bad" your looks, age or income - it does not matter at all. "Instant Attraction... >>More<<
The Online Game by Derek Lamont
When most guys start out with online dating, they sign up with a website and expect to at least catch a few women's eyes. Sadly, that isn't the case. The vast majority of men experience dead silence. Nothing. This can be very damaging to a guy's ego. So, he'll decide it's time to shoot off a few... >>More<<
Kissing And Touching by Lovedrop
Chris Odom, a.k.a. Lovedrop, has been involved in the pickup scene since the late 1990s. An electrifying speaker, Chris has traveled with Mystery for years, coaching students in the field and teaching seminars all around the world.Chris authored our new book, Revelation, and he also co-wrote The... >>More<<
Get Your Send On A Guide To Effective Communication With The Opposite Sex by Dr Paul
This book based on Mind OS, the operating system of the human mind, copyright 1999, Paul Dobransky M.D. When life sucks, sometimes a guy just has to evolve. That's what I was thinking three to four years ago when I first discovered "Sending". I was in between girlfriends, having just had yet... >>More<<
All About Women The Encyclopedia Of Seduction by Giuseppe Notte
All About Women - The Encyclopedia of Seduction is a great all-round Dating Advice eBook. Writing as an authority on the subject, Giuseppe Notte breaks his book down into four straight-forward areas. * Get Inside The Mind of a Girl - Notte shows you how lame you've probably been acting all this... >>More<<
Milton Model And Hypnotic Patterns by Milton Erickson
Milton Model Appendix II: Hypnotic Language Patterns. Milton Erickson used language very systematically in his hypnotic work, often in unusual ways. These patterns were first described by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their book, Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Ericson,... >>More<<
Seductive Body Language System by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flitr Mastery) - Seductive Body Language System. How can I sexually attract a woman without saying a word? In the Seductive Body Language System, you'll find the exact steps for creating a vibe that's hypnotically attractive to women. Since 90% of communication and flirting comes from... >>More<<
The Fire Of Seduction by Bishop
This is 330 page e-book of Michael Emery aka Bishop. After a 4 year absence, Bishop is back with his latest seduction product called, "The Fire of Seduction." Now, no matter who you are, there is way to be NATURALLY seductive around women! There is a way to move past whatever has ever stood in your... >>More<<
The Secret To Amazing Phone Conversations With Women by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flirt Mastery) - Phone Flirting The Secret to Amazing Phone Conversations With Women. Do you ever think there's set of rules to flirting with women on the phone? In the Phone Flirting guide, I provide my magic formula for creating sexual attraction when talking to women on the phone.... >>More<<
How To Get Her Chasing You by Real Social Dynamics
Sometimes an extremely hot woman so lives in the frame that SHE is the chooser that, even if you do everything else RIGHT and have social proof from other girls, she still won't actively chase you.Even if you touch her, have great conversations with her, and she sees you with other hot girls, in... >>More<<
Sexual Chemistry by Julius Fast
Research psychologists in the United States and Germany have established that there is a sound biological basis for the phenomenon of sexual chemistry. When we are sexually aroused, or when we meet someone who interests us intensely, when we experience that moment of understanding, our sympathetic... >>More<<
How To Meet And Connect With Women by Juggler
Wayne's e-book How to Meet and Connect with Women isn't too long, but it is jam-packed with brilliant information. Just reading the book makes me feel more social and outgoing. The book has two parts.The first part goes over the basic Juggler philosophy. How to project a warm vibe, how to build... >>More<<
Nonverbal Sexual Cuing by Keanu Jagger
This is EBOOK part of Keanu Jagger - Nonverbal Sexual Cuing Audio Series. Nonverbal Sexual Cuing, in a nutshell, is about using non-verbal communication to create attraction in women on a very instinctual, primal level.Hello everyone, I'm Keanu Jagger and welcome to my Nonverbal Sexual Cuing audio... >>More<<
How To Get Woman Laid In A Day Or Less by Rob J
Before we can learn to get laid in one day or less.... we must first understand women. Completely understand women. What makes them tick. How they think, why they think the way they do. Women may not seem to think or operate logically, but they DO operate predictably! That's the key. There are... >>More<<
The Gentleman Toolbox 101 Fun Things To Do While You Socialize With Women by Dr Paul
When I started this book, I realized that it might end up full of adolescent fun, and it IS. Yet on a closer look, you are going to see that SCIENCE is at the root of every exercise. There is a reason that the following techniques of social play are effective at charging up any night out on the... >>More<<
The Art Of Attraction by Carlos Xuma
In this 50 page Q&A ebook from Carlos Xuma, you will get the answers to the top questions guys ask about women and dating - and the answers that the other "gurus" are afraid to share with you. This is an unflinching and realistic exposure of how to really win the game of dating and attraction. ... >>More<<
Principles Of Attraction by Afc Adam Lyons
This book is a guide detailing my discoveries over the last few years on the subject of attraction. It is an overview regarding the concept of attraction, and the formula which I believe governs interpersonal attraction. I hope you gain as much out of reading this as I have studying it. I don't... >>More<<
How To Make Love All Night And Drive A Woman Wild by Dr Barbara Keesling
From the author of Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Healing comes this remarkable book that will help men achieve a new kind of pleasure in bed--and please their partners in the process. Barbara Keesling, a professor, sex therapist, and former sex surrogate, provides the instruction to enable you "keep... >>More<<
Milf Seduction by Marv Serman
MILF-Seduction's women seduction program will tell you how to pick up 6 women a week and in under 30 minutes. You will be using powerful seduction formulas unique to MILF-Seduction. There is NO RISK to you because of our 90 day money back guarantee, read on!MILF-Seduction is the only site to offer... >>More<<
The Alpha Blueprint The Alpha Male Decoded by Chris Nosal
Forget EVERYTHING You Know About Attracting Women... The Rules Have Just CHANGED! Discover The Fresh And Exciting NEW Secret To Having An Extraordinary Life Filled With More Drop Dead Gorgeous Women Than You Can Handle... WITHOUT The Effort And Hard Work! You'll Be Shocked At How QUICKLY And EASILY... >>More<<
Female Orgasm Black Book Quick Start Guide by Lee Jenkins
There was a lot of work that went into putting this document together. I can't tell you how many countless hours are spent putting together this manual. That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers may want to share it.When you decided on this manual,... >>More<<
The Sex Revolution Handbook by Daniel Rose
Welcome to the Sex Revolution Handbook. By purchasing this book, you've taken a huge step towards improving your sex life and relationships. The Handbook is a complete and comprehensive guide to sexual mastery. But, before reading it, there are a few things you should know. First, you are taking a... >>More<<
Unleash The Power Within Workbook by Anthony Robbins
This is workbook of "Unleash The Power Within" the flagship seminar offered by motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. It has been responsible for changing people's lives to a great degree, as many people launch businesses, get rid of debt and generally improve their lives.The seminar - also known... >>More<<
Getting Laid In Nyc Technology For The Single Man by Paul Janka
The idea for this book has been on my mind for some time, and grew directly out of my experience hustling in New York. I wouldn't call my game dating, really, because often I just have a single goal. I often meet women I like, and it may develop into something akin to dating, but I still (at 30)... >>More<<
The Juggler Method Encyclopedia by Juggler
This book is intended to help you in many ways. I have written tips and suggestions to better your relationships with the women you meet, but I have also written language to affect your mood, and samples to place you in the first-person shoes of a pick up artist so you can learn within context.... >>More<<
Make Women Laugh by Martin Merill
Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with all the thousands of jokes out there, most of them being not funny and lame. How, you wonder, can you sift through all those junks to obtain the good stuff to make women laugh? The truth is... there are only a few jokes in the entire world. What I mean is that... >>More<<
Secrets Of A Sex Magnet by Chris Jackson
I promise that if you follow this program, and are willing to have an open mind, you will easily meet the kind of women that you're looking for, and be able to get them into bed. There's one thing you must know beforehand. This book isn't going to do it for you. What I mean is... most guys buy a... >>More<<
Sleight Of Mouth The Magic Of Conversational Belief Change by Robert Dilts
Sleight of Mouth works with language patterns and, most particularly, with spoken language patterns. Language is one of the key representational systems from which we build our mental models of the world, and has a tremendous influence upon how we perceive and respond to the world around us.... >>More<<
Limitless Mind by Targ Russell
For decades, the work of Russell Targ and other scientists has demonstrated that our minds have extraordinary abilities we are only beginning to understand. Learning to use these abilities--from remote viewing to precognition to intuitive medical diagnoses to distant healing--leads to a quiet mind,... >>More<<
How To Seduce Others With The Hidden Power Of Your Mind by Rah
This article explains the little?known method for seducing another person using only the power of your mind. Providing you follow the steps clearly and with patience, these techniques will open you up to a hidden world around you and give you a peek at just how easily the mind can influence others.... >>More<<
Conversation King by Rachel Davis
One of the very few Dating Advice eBooks written FOR men BY a woman. Rachel Davis' Conversation King offers a far more unique approach to this field though. Instead of trying to cram everything in, this book focuses on the often-neglected area of being able to actually talk to girls. This is... >>More<<
Symbolic Morphology by In10se
Symbols include colors, music, words, shapes...even objects (like a flag or a cross). The American flag for instance is anchored to the Star-spangled banner, baseball games and times spent as a child, family bonding, and of course patriotism. A powerful symbol has anchored to it very powerful... >>More<<
Body Language How To Read Others Thoughts By Their Gestures by Allan Pease
What people say is often very different from what they think or feel. 'Body Language' by Allan Pease is just what you require to know those feelings which people often try to hide. There are things that an untrained eye does not detect, but this book is capable of even making a rookie a pro. Allan... >>More<<
Seduction Science by Derek Vitalio
Derek Vitalio's book Seduction Science is a must for anyone who is serious about getting with and scoring with women. Seduction Science e-book series was that it's a very well rounded approach to seducing women. Seduction Science is just that the Science of Seduction and unlike some Seduction and... >>More<<
The Art Of Approaching Stylelife Edition by Joseph Matthews
Joseph MAtthews has made the first step in meeting women a very simple and easy process. With the most Covert "Openings" that allow you to succeed even if you've never even said hello to a woman before. If you want to have and unfair advantage at picking up Any Woman you desire without rejection,... >>More<<
Total Guide To Be Cocky And Funny by Muzzu
This guide is the result of 2 years of my research into the best methods to have more power and choice with the opposite sex. In a nutshell, I put this guide together to help other men do better with women. I think that ultimately what every man wants is to meet that ONE special woman.... >>More<<
6 Secrets Of The Irresistible Man by Adam Gilad
TABLE OF CONTENTS - Strengthen Your Inner Voice - Scot McKay - Structure Your Social Life - Christian Hudson - Refine And Approach Your Dating Skills - Carlos Xuma - Learn New Sexual Skills - Alex Allman - Deepen Your Understanding Of Women - Vin Dicarlo - Hone Your Body For Vitality - Jon... >>More<<
Dating For Dummies by Dr Joy Browne
If you think dating is a simple process--meet someone, ask him or her for a date or get asked out yourself, try not to come off as a drooling moron, then arrange to get together for a second date or cut your losses and work to meet someone else--well, lucky you. For many people, it's far more... >>More<<
Covert Persuasion by Kevin Hogan
When we make decisions we like to think we weigh the options carefully, look at all the possibilities, and make the best choice based on a rational examination of the facts. But in truth, much of our decision making happens on a subconscious level based on feelings we might not even be aware of.... >>More<<
Forbidden Pattern The Shadow And The Rising Sun by Robert Anue
One of the forbidden patterns - The Shadow and the Rising Sun. Theme builds on the darker side of a person and a sneaky "swish" to get you in there(shadow) Essentially it seems this pattern is best suited to encouraging one to get in touch with their hidden desires (thus connecting emotionally... >>More<<
24 Traits Of The Superior Alpha Male by Steve Scott
Steve Scott(Flitr Mastery) - 24 Traits of the Superior Alpha Male. Ever wonder what women REALLY want from men? That's the question I answer in my 24 Traits of the Superior Alpha Male guide. This book gives specific detail about how to transform into the kind of man that's irresistible to women.... >>More<<
Secrets Of Personal Mastery by Michael Hall
Secrets of Personal Mastery (2000, Crown House Publishers, Paperback, 224 pages) by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. enables you to access your executive levels and taking charge of your mental-emotional programming. In this way you can develop the higher frames of mind that will enable you to control your... >>More<<
Advanced Language Patterns Mastery by Larry Mclauchlin
My purpose of putting together the material for this workshop is to provide, in one source, the majority of the hypnotic and NLP language patterns that have been codified to date. I have presupposed that the majority of the people using this manual will have some basic training and therefore have... >>More<<
Speed Seduction Algorithm by Michael Ellis
Speed seduction is based on adaptations made by Jeffries to techniques found in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The basis of the original Speed Seduction books and courses is the belief that in order for a person to interpret a story, question or any linguistic pattern they must first... >>More<<
Patterns Poems And Stories Like Bishops Journal by Social Mastery
Tons of stories, poems and songs. What is love? How do we Love? Why don't we Love? Who should we love? Who shouldn't we love? What do women want? How do you make a man love you?And there have been as many answers as there are questions. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Men can't love.... >>More<<
Beta Into Alpha Unleashing The Phoenix by Bishop
Here is a sample of what awaits you:" What Is an Alpha - This chapter covers all the aspects of the old understanding about what made someone an Alpha, then shows real life world proof how that simply is not an accurate description of today's Alpha. Like how up to now you never heard of an Alpha... >>More<<
Demystifying Charisma by Swinggcat
Hey guys, A few nights ago, I went barhopping with a friend of mine. We both talked to truck loads of women and used practically the same material on them. But by the end of the night my friend's results were so bad he felt that he was blessed with an unlikable self. My experience, however, was the... >>More<<
The Art Of Attraction Program Vol Iii Charismatic Conversation by Daniel Johnson
This is pdf WORKBOOK Vol III of Pickup 101 The Art Of Attraction Program. The Art of Attraction Coaching Program Our flagship core essentials course that will teach you everything you need to know to get exciting dates and fulfilling relationships. Are you finding it hard to get second dates (or... >>More<<
Cocky And Funny Guide by Ole Flirty Bastard
This guide is the result of 2 years of my research into the best methods to have more power and choice with the opposite sex. In a nutshell, I put this guide together to help other men do better with women. I think that ultimately what every man wants is to meet that ONE special woman.... >>More<<
How To Be The Jerk Women Love by Fj Shark
It is very important to note that he is NOT encouraging guys to be jerks. He has simply identified the (positive) qualities that jerks have, which are attractive to women. If you are a real "nice" guy, you must have lots of female friends that keep ending up with jerks, so it is very natural to ask... >>More<<
The Complete Guide To Handling Women by Wayne Ross
Complete Guide to Handling Women Reveals All. I don't care how old you are, what you look like or how many women you failed with in the past, my manual, "The Complete Guide to Handling Women" will make you an expert on handling and keeping women. You will learn all there is to know about handling... >>More<<
Reading Body Language by C Kellogg
Doesn't matter whether she is interested in you, you'll make her interested eventually anyway:) But look for these signs to show you whether you're already making progress:) It's also fun to look for these signs as a by-stander, either in everyday situations or for example in a bar - when the guy... >>More<<
How To Get Her To Make The First Move by Chris Jackson
In this report, you're going to learn an easy way to overcome shyness when it comes to making out with a woman. You're going to learn how to get your date to make the first move. But what does that mean... making the first move. For our purposes here, we'll define it as... Getting her to initiate... >>More<<
Secrets Of Natural Attraction Product by John Alanis
Secrets of Natural Attraction: How to Get Desirable Women To Chase You! By John Alanis. Secrets of Natural Attraction is a system for men that that claims to help men "turn the tables" by compelling beautiful women to approach them for dates, instead of the other day around. John Alanis, the author... >>More<<
Becoming A Master Of Oral Sex by Chris Jackson
I am asked constantly by men who write to me "How do I please a woman orally?" or "How can I get better at oral sex?" And after reading thousands of responses to my questioners from women of all walks of life, nationalities and ages I truly believe that in order to be great lover you must be... >>More<<
Insider Tips Tactics And Techniques In The Arts Of Seduction Charisma And Attraction by C Kellogg
TWO YEARS OF RESEARCH, a series of sharp and in-depth articles, exposure to over seven million people world wide, and this project has finally come to a climax. HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN 2000 is written from the perspective of the experienced male, because, in the end, we've documented as fact - what... >>More<<
Supreme Confidence With Women by Steve Scott
Steve Scott (The Modern Man) - Supreme Confidence With Woman. This was a way to say "Thank You", I wanted to offer the following unadvertised bonus. Called 'Supreme Confidence with Women', this book explores how YOUR MIND affects your overall success with women. If you're confident (and act... >>More<<
Kama Sutra Plaisirs Et Positions Amoureuses In French by Clara Morgane
Cet ouvrage propose une vision resolument moderne de l'un des plus grands textes de l'humanite : le Kama Sutra. De la preparation jusqu'a l'acte d'amour, sans oublier l'importance des preliminaires et des enlacements erotiques, ce livre d'art somptueusement illustre vous permettra de faire vos... >>More<<
Conversation Confidence Workbook by Leil Lowndes
This is WORKBOOK to "Conversation Confidence: Listening to Win/Secrets to Fearless Conversation Verbal Advantage" CDs and books Course by Leil Lowndes. In "Conversation Confidence Course" you'll learn the communicating skills of politicians, celebrities and other public figures. Your confidence... >>More<<
The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationships. In The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships. Using insightful stories to bring his message to... >>More<<
The Six Don Juan Commandments Of Body Language by Allen Thompson
I spent several years studying body language. Reading every book, every article, every thing that I could find in a quest to unlock the hidden meanings in our movements and gestures... essentially to be able to read someone else's mind simply by observing their body movements. It's quite a... >>More<<
Your Complete Guide To Kissing Tips And Techniqes by Kissing 101
"Kissing 101: Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques" is renowned to be the most comprehensive and easiest to follow kissing technique book on the market. It is jam-packed with loads of indispensable techniques and fun ideas, over 70 detailed color photos, step-by step instructions, and... >>More<<
Secrets To Reading Attraction Signals by John Alanis
Secrets to Reading Female "Attraction Signals": How to Know for Sure She's Attracted to You. Have you ever been frustrated by trying to "read" a woman, to find out if she's interested or if she "likes you?" The truth of the matter is this: women do give off subtle "attraction signals," (which to... >>More<<
Ultimate Nlp Home Study Course by Rex Sikes
This is pdf manual to "The Ultimate Neuro Linguistic Programming Home Study Course" by Rex Sikes. Welcome to The Ultimate Neuro Linguistic Programming Home Study Course! You have taken the first step toward gaining more control over your emotions, your thoughts, your communication and your life.... >>More<<
Forbidden Pattern The Gemini by Robert Anue
THE GEMINI / DARK SUN Pattern. Once in rapport. Possible theme - 'Different places in the mind' by Robert Anue >>More<<
Guy Gets Girl Advanced Seduction Edition by Tiffany Taylor
Guy Gets Girl Advanced Seduction Edition is advanced book on how to find, attract and seduce women using powerful psychological principles. My name is John and I've teamed up with the original writer of the Guy Gets Girl Series ebooks you already have access to, written by Tiffany Taylor, to create... >>More<<
Instant Facts How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone by David Lieberman
This is pdf ebook "Never Be Lied To Again, Instant Facts How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone" by David Lieberman. When liars are being accused of something, they'll stay calm because they're working on their rebuttal this is why detectives were suspicious of O.J. Simpson when he didn't express... >>More<<
Advanced Cold Reading by Joe Riding
The cold reading of a person, which is often referred to as psychic character analysis, enables the reader to apparently know the innermost secrets of complete strangers. Apparently you know things about a person you could not possibly know, and you have never met them before.Before I go into a... >>More<<
Subliminal Force by Derren Brown
The Effect below is really the fusion of 2 separate tricks, both deliver very impressive responses and can be performed individually in a variety of different ways. The Verbal Forcing Technique is similar to the method used by Derren Brown & is explained in his video "The Devils Own Picture Book."... >>More<<
Secrets Of Undressing Women by Chris Jackson
Secrets Of Undressing A Woman is a special bonus book to Secrets Of A Sex Magnet book. In this special bonus, you will learn something that most men will never ever figure out on their own, and that is... how to strategically undress a woman to minimize the chances last minute resistance to having... >>More<<
Bishops Journal by Bishop
Original 160-page book with tons of stories, poems, and patterns. This journal details many of The Bishop's seductions, along with incorporating many new Speed Seduction patterns, stories, and poems. Read this entire book multiple times. Why? Because in these stories I am giving you a MASSIVE... >>More<<
Photo Reading by Paul Scheele
The PhotoReading Whole Mind System. Read this Book in 25 Minutes! This book is uniquely designed so that you can easily read it in whatever amount of time you can commit right now. 25 Minutes (Level 1) - Get the gist of this book in just 25 minutes. First, page through the entire book and read the... >>More<<
Seduction Power Excerpt by Carlos Xuma
This is Excerpt from book "Seduction Power" by Carlos Xuma. Now, if you're reading this book, I assume you want to learn more about having sex with women. And that's perfectly okay and normal. What I do not suggest is that you use any of these tactics for deceitful or hurtful influence on women.... >>More<<