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This book contains ALL of my personal favorite pick-up techniques that I have used successfully hundreds of times in the past. These are the absolute BEST tricks and secrets that I've learned through years of practice... and they are so effective that I've withheld them from the public... UNTIL NOW! YOU Can Get a New Girl Tonight...AND EVERY NIGHT! - The Player
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Author:      The Player
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The Player owns and operates this web site and is also the author of the new guide "The Player's Black Book".

From the desk of The Player :

The first impression that most people get from me is that I must have been granted some sort of special "gift" at birth that gave me the ability to be naturally confident and smooth when it comes to picking up women. However, this is FAR from the truth. Allow me to set the record straight...

The early years

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and lived in what you could call a normal household in a decent part of the city. Through my high school years I was a complete failure when it came to getting girls... I couldn't figure them out no matter what I did and was constantly wondering what was so bad about me that made no girl want to get with me. I'd see girls writing "I love so-and-so" on their notebooks, but the name was never mine. I'd see groups of girls giggling and looking at the "popular" guys, while I seemed to be invisible to them. This continued until graduation, which came as a relief to me because to put it bluntly... school sucks when you are a nobody.

After school was over I was ready to go on to college and start a new life, which I saw as an opportunity to leave all of my bad experiences behind me... but of course that didn't happen. Despite my efforts to make new friends and find a girlfriend, college was even more of a challenge than high school was. I quickly became depressed and my grades were slipping, I even stopped trying to talk to girls all together... what was the point if they wouldn't listen, right?

My torment ensued for another few months until a beautiful summer's day in July 1999... I'll never forget what happened that day, because it is on that day that my life was completely changed.

The birth of a seducer

I woke up feeling great. The sun was shining, not a cloud could be seen and people were out and about enjoying themselves... there were girls everywhere. I made the decision that this was going to be the day that I would finally find a girl, even if it was the last thing that I'd do.

I set out on my mission and began talking to every single girl that I could find... regardless of what they looked like (at this point I just didn't care and would settle for anything.) The sun disappeared and I still did not have even one phone number, but I kept trying and figured that I would most likely have more success at night anyway. To increase my chances of finding a hot girl, I decided to go to where there would be a lot of them, which brought me to a nightclub called Egypt near downtown Philadelphia. The place was packed (and it's a huge club, 5-6 separate rooms playing different music.) There were beautiful women smiling, laughing, dancing and drinking everywhere I turned... so I thought that if I couldn't get a girl in that place then I must be a lost cause. I tried talking to a few different girls that seemed to be alone but they wanted nothing to do with me. I then got bold and tried talking to a few groups of girls... but not even one girl from any of the groups expressed any interest in me at all!

It began to get late and the club was preparing to close, I knew that if something magic was going to happen... it had to happen now. I scanned the building for the subject of my final attempt at picking up and laid my eyes on this blond bombshell at the bar waiting for her drink. I approached her and our conversation went something like this :

Me - "Hi"

Her - " Hi!" (sounding interested)

At this point I was shocked that she seemed to like me and hesitated

Me - "Uh, are you waiting for your drink?" <-- dumb question

Her - "Yes" (looks away, losing interest)

Me - "That's cool, me too" <-- stupid comment

Her - "Ok" (getting annoyed)

Me - "This club is really packed, huh?" <-- idiotic question

Her - "Uh huh" (loads of sarcasm)

Me - "What's your name?"

Her - "I don't want to tell you"

Me - "Why not?" (starting to realize my failure)

Her - "Because there's no point, you'll never get my number with that weak game anyway"

I walk away.

Her words still linger in my mind to this day, and if I could somehow find her I would love to thank that girl for being so harsh on me... because the last thing that she said is what put me on the path to becoming who I am today.

The molding of a personality

I went home and couldn't sleep. I couldn't get her voice out of my head, over and over it repeated "You'll never get my number with that weak game". That's when it hit me... she was absolutely right, and in one short sentence had told me exactly how to fix the problem that had haunted me for years : All this time I've been trying to pick up girls, yet had no clue as to the RIGHT way to do it. I never would get a girl's number until I got some game, so I had to go get some!

I stayed up that entire night searching the internet and looking through books for everything that I could possibly learn about how to deal with women... and haven't stopped to this day.

Over the next two years I studied everything I could on seduction : books, movies, web sites, lyrics and poetry, soaking up as much as possible and incorporating it into my own lifestyle. I tested everything that I found and realized that some people claiming to know what they are talking about are flat-out liars... while others actually offer good advice. I began to notice a huge change in how women were responding to me, and soon after started getting girlfriends. I started with average looking girls and then quickly moved on to good looking ones... and my next girl was always more intelligent and better looking than the last, so I was continually moving forward.

The birth of a mentor

Before I knew it I had become a full blown Don Juan in the flesh... and was able to pick up just about any girl that I wanted. My friends were shocked by my amazing transformation, and they soon began to ask me for advice on how they could become like me. I gladly helped them out, and soon found out that I really enjoyed teaching other guys the techniques that I had taught myself. Another few months passed and I continued to improve my own skills as well as become better at training other men, until one day my friend Brain sparked the greatest idea I've ever had. Brain said "Hey, you are getting so good at teaching this stuff you should open up some sort of school or something... maybe there is even some way that you can train hundreds of men at once".

At first I really didn't care much for what Brain had said because it seemed almost impossible in my financial situation at that time, but later on that day I got to thinking about it... and eventually came up with a solution. During college I studied web site design, graphic design and internet marketing because I wanted to start my own online-based business, and the internet was the best way that I could present my teachings to hundreds of men every day... so I put two and two together and started in October of 2002.

The creation of a web site

Once my web site was up and running it quickly took off, turning those hundreds of men per day into thousands ( now receives over 4,000 unique visitors each day!) My site now has a loyal following that is quite large, with roughly 1,200 return visitors per day and 35,000+ newsletter subscribers. After some time passed I decided to allow my visitors to submit their own tips to be put on the site, which resulted in so many submissions that I was forced to create a new web site (Players Anonymous) just to host all of this user-submitted content! Players Anonymous is now the largest user-driven database of seduction information on the web, with almost 1,000 tips and over 100 unique articles.

I created both of these web sites in order to help all of the men out there that have problems similar to those that I have faced in my own life, that is why they are both totally free sites that anyone can enjoy and learn from regardless of how much money they have.

The writing of a book

During the past two and a half years since the release of, I've had many requests asking me to write a book containing everything that I know about picking up women from A to Z. What these readers did not know is that I had already been secretly writing "The Player's Black Book" since the web site was less than six months old... and that the web site was actually supposed to be a book in the first place! However, I made the decision to post as a free web site and save my best material for my book, which I would continue working on until it was perfected.

After over two years in the making the book is now finally finished, it IS perfect in my opinion.

Interested? Click here to learn more about my book.

- The Player

This book contains ALL of my personal favorite pick-up techniques that I have used successfully hundreds of times in the past. These are the absolute BEST tricks and secrets that I've learned through years of practice... and they are so effective that I've withheld them from the public... UNTIL NOW! YOU Can Get a New Girl Tonight...AND EVERY NIGHT! - The Player