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The Art Of Attraction Program Vol Iii Charismatic Conversation by Daniel Johnson
This is pdf WORKBOOK Vol III of Pickup 101 The Art Of Attraction Program. The Art of Attraction Coaching Program Our flagship core essentials course that will teach you everything you need to know to get exciting dates and fulfilling relationships. Are you finding it hard to get second dates (or... >>More<<
Using The Cube The Pickup Artists Secret Weapon by Daniel Johnson
This ebook is another in the series of "Real-World" No B.S. Instructional products and workshops PickUp 101 provides you for dating, relationships, and maximum success with women.Almost every weekend, my professional team of instructors and I are out in bars, supermarkets, and cafe's perfecting and... >>More<<
9 Sure Fire Steps To A Solid Day 2 Close by Daniel Johnson
It seems that a common sticking point for a lot of guys is that they get talking to a girl, things are going well, they like her, and then they just say goodbye. Or other times, they get her number, or even set up a date, but the girl never shows up, and nothing ever happens.Fake numbers, flakes,... >>More<<