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Joe D's Biography(Photos)

Joe D
Joe D (aka Joe Doyle) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 25 Occupation: Medical Web Developer

This loveable, entertaining, goofy guy is always the brother and never the boyfriend. Joe is sick and tired of hearing from women, "you're like my brother". He truly wants to establish himself as a romantic, engaging, caring guy. Joe lives in the basement of his parent's home, next to the washer and drier, and realizes that it is the most non-romantic place to bring a woman. Joe is very musically inclined and writes and plays songs about women he hopes to go to the next phase of a relationship with, beyond the status of friendship, but he never has the guts to play the songs for these women. He knows he has all the right parts, but he just doesn't know how to put them together to approach women. He is very proud of his keychain collection, his love for Disney and his infatuation with Star Wars--he even has his own Jedi costume and lightsaber. Joe's lack of confidence stems from his weight and his ill-fitted clothing. A normal, healthy, adult relationship is Joe's goal. He feels stuck in junior high with his ability to relate to women and is seeking help to have a more age appropriate relationship with women.