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Vince Kelvin's Biography(Photos)

Vince Kelvin
Pickup Coach Vince Kelvin (aka Hollywood) will help you with your game, whether you've been struggling with women for what seems like forever or you're turning into a real world-class pickup artist.

With a background as a performer, after years on the road with rock bands, Vince Kelvin was forced to give up his childhood dream and love of music, due to acute chronic tendinitis. Already passionate about the field of self-improvement and positive thinking, he saw what most would have thought of as the end as the beginning, and quickly transition into his new field of choice. Equipped with a solid formation in Neuro-Linguistic Programing, hypnosis, mediation, time line therapy and traditional self-help and motivation, combining it with his prior expertise in performance he quickly made a name for himself in the ever growing self-improvement movement of the 90s, offering top training in the area of public speaking and presentation, to help people overcome stage fright in professional settings, he coached many major corporations while offering classes on self-hypnosis at Colleges all over southern California!

Yet a new even greater avenue for him to exercise his nac for assisting others was to present himself when men started to seek his services to overcome approach-anxiety. That's when it all came together, and bringing in the mix his years of hooking up with wild rocker chicks, his relentless researches in the field of mind potential and hours of clinical hypnotherapy, would soon merge and quickly bring him into the spot light of the ever-growing global community of pickup artists, setting a new standard for men all around the world, with now clients in over 24 countries and 200 U.S. cities, Vince has pioneered his own style he calls the V-Model of Enticement.