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Steve P's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Steve P
Real Name: Steve Piccus Affiliation: Hypnotism, White Tiger Tantra Website:

Steve P. is an expert hypnotist, often practicing with his business partner Hypnotica. He was mentioned as a master in sexual arts in the book The Game by Neil Strauss. His product, White Tiger Tantra focuses on how to give women intense and freeing sexual orgasms. A gruff talking hypno master - often paired with Hypnotica.

Wearing a leather vest and an Indiana Jones hat, Steve P. was equal parts Hell's Angel and Native American shaman...Steve P. had figured out a way to get women to pay to have sex with him. For anywhere from several hundred to a thousand dollars, he trained women to have orgasms from a single vocal command.

Maybe the most mysterious long-time Guru around, this man is truly in a class of his own. Universally recognized as one of the "Godfathers of the Seduction Community", Steve P is one of the all-time authorities of inner game. He has been helping men since 1978, and this master hypnotist/biker/shaman will radically alter your perception of what is possible with women, and help you overcome issues that have you stuck in unhealthy patterns. Though he was first made famous by the book "The Game", we first met him in 2001 and were absolutely blown away. Steve taught the legendary Rick H. a lot of his secrets, and Rick went on to have threesomes with countless women.

Steve has coached people from all walks of life including athletes, celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

[Steve P & Hypnotica are working on putting together something really special for one of the seminar evenings... more on that soon!]

Steve offers personalized services for change work using radical hypnotherapy in 1:1 and group sessions.

Steve Piccus Quotes

Once you do this with her, she's going to bond real strong with you. When you do this, you become anamchara, which in Gaelic means friend of the soul. A soul friend.