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Nathan's Biography

A passionate and lifelong student of interpersonal communication and relationship dynamics, Nathan has world class knowledge and experience in the field of women and social dynamics. From dating models to actress' to girls-next-door, as well as, seamlessly integrating himself into many diverse social circles around the world, Nathan has one of the most unique abilities that cannot be replicated anywhere.

After saving lives in the open seas as a U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer, Nathan went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science from one of the World's most prestigious Interpersonal Communication colleges at The University of Texas at Austin with concentrations in Business and Spanish. From there Nathan worked for 2 years as an Investment Analyst at a top 5 Wallstreet firm before fate took him to Hollywood where he went on to help produce some of MTV's and VH1's most popular dating reality TV shows. Born in the Midwest, Nathan has lived in 5 states, Spain, Italy, and the Middle East. He has taken his many traveling adventures to over 30 countries.

It was while living in Hollywood that Nathan became fascinated with Real Social Dynamics and their teaching ideology that he became a client and was employed working with RSD Co-founder, Papa, as Real Social Dynamics' Marketing Executive.

After a couple years learning the business of Real Social Dynamics, Nathan attended the Real Social Dynamics Executive Retreat in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with the RSD crew. Surrounded by women who spoke little English, Tyler was highly impressed with Nathan's natural charisma, talent and ability that he invited him to join the Real Social Dynamics Instructor Training Program in Honolulu, Hawaii.

As an Executive Coach, Nathan has a unique ability to understand how to help clients succeed in all aspects of their social life, especially their dating life. His deep understanding of clients' needs and infectious "take no prisoners" attitude gets the results he demands for his clients on his personalized programs.

" Then I started watching Nathan. I didn't even really process what he was doing at first. It's hard to describe, but it pretty much went down like this every time: Nathan grabs girl, girl lights up, Nathan physically engulfs/manhandles girl, after a few minutes girl gets spit out (gently, albeit) and proceeds to swarm Nathan for the remainder of the night like shark, waiting for him to take her home..... It was funny that I was really questioning how good the instructors were going to be right before the Bootcamp. After Day 1, I knew that nobody that I had ever seen in action throughout my years of clubbing was as good as Nathan."

- Pete from New York, NY, USA

" This is at the very core of coaching as a skill in itself. I've coached sports for 10 years + I've got some military background. So even though I can't teach this skill anything near these guys, I recognize the beauty of a master coach at work when I see it. It is obvious to me that mastering coaching is the true core concept that is at the very heart at what drives RSD which is from where everything else is derived."

- Matias from Stockholm, Sweden