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Armin Brott's Biography

Armin Brott
Armin Brott (aka "Mr. Dad") is essentially the go-to guy for the entire United States media when a spokesperson for fatherhood and/or fathers' rights is called for. As a man with a media sheet that would make Oprah jealous, I am very proud to have him appear within the VIRTUOSITY program. In what is most certainly a unprecedented phone conversation, Armin breaks down exactly what it is women look for in a man when evaluating at the instinctual level whether a man would be a good father to her children or not. This is an undeniable force in creating unconscious attraction in women, and Armin offers tremendous insight. As a bonus, Armin also shares some powerful thoughts regarding how to protect your rights as a man and as a father in today's society. If you are a dad or hope to be one someday, this conversation is a must. Even if you are on the fence about kids, the attraction secrets Armin shares are pure gold.