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Fast Seduction 101 Player Guide by Tranceboy
Please stop for a moment and reflect. What is it that you strive for in life? Is if fame? Fortune? To be skillful in your field of choice? What is it that you're occupied with in your life right now? Maybe you're studying, maybe working, whatever it is, notice one common denominator - improving... >>More<<
The Lazy Mans Guide To Seduction by Tranceboy
In this essay I shall attempt to convey my observations, and research into the art of seduction. Seduction is a game which is played everyday in every country by millions of people. It's simply a natural form of human courtship. Nothing to be ashamed about, unless like me you're married, in which... >>More<<
Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For Them by Tranceboy
Why are women attracted to men who are bad for them? I'm a pretty nice guy, yet it seems like most girls would rather go out with someone who's going to treat them like dirt. Here's the scene. There you are, in a crowded night club, when across the haze you spot HER. She's beautiful, and all alone,... >>More<<
The Psychology Of Social Engineering by Tranceboy
Basically, social engineering is the art and science of getting people to comply to your wishes. It is not a way of mind control, it will not allow you to get people to perform tasks wildly outside of their normal behaviour and it is far from foolproof.It also involves far more than simply quick... >>More<<
Web The Art Of Seduction by Tranceboy
This document is a compilation of the most potent dating techniques from the free articles at the Tranceboy Site and other free dating sites. As a public service, we spare you the trouble of having to scour the web. SIt back, relax, and discover now, the best of their theories. This information is... >>More<<