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David X's Biography(Books)(Photos)

David X
David X PUA (pickup artist)

David X was quite possibly the ugliest PUA I'd ever met. He was immense, balding, and toadlike, with warts covering his face and the voice of a hundred thousand cigarette packs His philosophy was in direct contrast to what I had learned from Mystery, and he let me know it all through dinner. He was evidence of Cliff's big mouth theory, a natural alpha male. - Strauss, Neil. The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. 1st ed. 2005. p.145.

Here is a guy who's become quite infamous over the years yet almost nobody in our community has had the opportunity to learn from him face-to-face! In fact one of the few ways his knowledge has reached the community has been Jay's reports about him! David has a no-nonsense, intensely direct approach to teaching, so prepare to be shocked into submission by the power of his message as he force feeds you a new and powerful belief system.

The elusive David X made a much celebrated appearance in 2004 and then mysteriously disappeared from public engagements. Nevertheless, he has been helping "Graduate" boys into men for over a decade and we are honored to have him! We are shipping him all the way in from frigid Montreal, Canada to share with you some of the gems we were lucky enough to begin learning from him almost 8 years ago.

David X offers "David X Dating", a counseling service, which helps men through a multitude of issues.