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Mehow's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Real Name: Michal Pospieszalski Affiliation: Mehow, Inc.

Mehow PUA is a 35 year old former hacker who studied pickup under Mystery before becoming an instructor for his company. Rather than sign a new contract for that company he decided to leave and create his own program and company, Mehow Inc. He has since become a popular pick up guru. Mehow was originally a coach for Mystery Method. In 2006, he started running a pickup company of the same name (Mehow) based out of San Diego, California. Mehow started promoting and selling in field footage of instructors and break down their game in his monthly Infield Insider series.

He is a professional at stacking routines and giving value. Most of his pickup is in night clubs. You can learn more about his methods in his new program " 10 Second Attraction" by clicking here.

Mehow PUA is also well known for his hidden camera infield footage. He is one of the first to thoroughly explain the routines and methods that he uses in his footage. His Infield Exposed program involves 8 DVDs of material and footage and is one of the most popular pickup products available at this time

Ex In-Field Coach for the world's most famous "pickup artist": Mystery, Mehow is a part of the much talked bout "Project Miami" where he lives alongside famed pickup gurus Lovedrop, Matador, and Sundowner.

Mehow has also develop several new terms and concepts, such as "micro-loop" and "pure-kino".Some critics say that these are just recycled ideas from Mystery's Venusian arts, while others credit Mehow for taking existing ideas and making them even better. Mehow's gaming style is light-hearted and slightly metrosexual. He uses a lot of kino and buying temperature tactics, which allows for great reactions from women from his one-liners. His slightly-metrosexual style also leaves guys in sets confused while the girls react positively.

Mehow Quotes

I have a ton of people I have learned from. But the one guy that gets the most credit is definitely Lovedrop from Venusian Arts. Lovedrop and I winged each other in my first year of the game partially because we were friends and partially because I think Lovedrop took demented pleasure in watching someone so hopeless actually get results. After Lovedrop I definitely have to say Mystery. He is the godfather of the pickup movement.