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Dan M's Biography(Photos)

Dan M
My path to success started the moment I realized and accepted I was bad at this whole dating thing. Before that I figured it was just something that would work itself out. At 27 it hadn't really worked itself out and I was tired of waiting. I had waited till I was 23 to lose my virginity and I had only had one real girlfriend after that. I realized I had no real experience with actually going out and dating.

I was frustrated with my loneliness and the lack of women in my life. My attempts to go out and meet women were an abysmal failure. That was when I did my first search on the internet for dating advice. I found the the book "The Game" and learned about the seduction community and almost gave up at that point. I said to myself "If I have to be a manipulative asshole to be good with women, I'd rather be single."

Then I found the help and approach that I could be true to myself with through Christian. I took a workshop from Christian and a few other instructors that worked with him that changed my life. I went home and in just two months I had everything I had ever wanted socially and romantically. You can't even Imagine the level of happiness in my life when I achieved my goals.'

I have the choice of high quality women in my life.

I know when I meet a woman I want, I have all the skills I need to bring that relationship anywhere I want.

I live a rich social life surrounded by amazing friends.

The Charisma I developed serves me not only with women but in every aspect of my life.

That was when I was asked to share my success with other guys. I can't even tell you how nervous and shocked I was to teach these skills. I didn't think I was necessarily good at anything, I just knew I had everything I always wanted. That was what Christian saw in me that made him want to have me on his team. I found out the secret to being exactly who I wanted to be, a geek with a goofy sense of humor, AND have an incredibly happy successful dating life.

For over three years now I have been teaching men full-time how they can have a life they want to aspire to. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to see your success. I see guys who are stuck, know too much, do too little, and just aren't happy with the choice in women they have in their lives. I see guys who are trying so desperately to be like someone they THINK is good with women they lose part of who they are. When I show them that they can attract the most beautiful interesting women and be true to themselves, I see a weight lifted off their shoulders and life starts looking better.

I invite you to discover what real happiness and confidence is. You already have probably read too much advice and information out there, where has it gotten you? Can you embrace a bigger vision of the man you want to aspire to be? Reach higher than just being better with women, that is just one step in the process of becoming The Social Man.

Aspire for more choice of quality women, a better social circle, and confidence and happiness it all brings.

WBR, Dan M