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Chris Orleans
Real Name: Chris Orleans Affiliation: Independent Website:

Chris is a seduction coach with over 4 years of coaching experience. He began his work as a master instructor for Vin DiCarlo, and now runs his own coaching business where he offers personalized, one-on-one coaching to students.

Chris Orleans has been a professional seducer for going on 5 years. First gaining mainstream attention in 2007 when he spoke at several world pickup conventions. Since then he's taught thousands of men internationally how to improve their love lives without the use of gimmicks or tricks but rather through demonstrating their personality in a way that inspires women to swoon. Known for day game and ultra-fast sexual escalation he focuses on a personal approach working one on one with his students rather than filling a classroom full of guys who's names he'll never remember.

Chris Orleans Quotes

Always ask for the contact information. Always. You need to develop the habit of doing it, even when you're sure you won't be getting it. Even if a girl tells me "I have to get going I'm actually late" I'll reply with "That's totally cool I understand, but listen you seem like a fun girl and I'd love to get to know you more so why don't we exchange phone numbers and I'll give you a call sometime." It doesn't always work, but when it does it's gold. Be brave and get in the habit of being a closer.
The first 15 seconds is the hardest, you don't want anything unpredictable happening because you're going to be so nervous that you won't be able to deal with it properly.

I personally like the following: "Hey, I know this is totally crazy and I never do anything like this but I think you're absolutely adorable and I just had to come meet you or I knew I'd be kicking myself all day long... I'm Chris."

Don't be afraid to show some nerves but make it clear that it's because you never do this, not because she makes you nervous. The former is ballsy and understandable. The latter is weak.
The energy you and your girl of interest have entering into your house dictates the protocol for the type of end game strategy you will use.

Therefore if as you're walking home/up to your door you make it playful, physical and fun then you can begin your physical escalation to sex before the door even closes.