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Mind Os The Operating System Of The Human Mind by Dr Paul
When I started work on this technology a decade ago, I had no idea how powerful it would become for people. I simply wanted to make psychology easy for them to understand, for people just like you to know everything I know about the human mind. What I found is that through using diagrams, the... >>More<<
The King Warrior Magician And Lover by Dr Paul
This is the most powerful story for romance, business, and social power you will ever read. It is a concept so easy to understand and practice in your everyday life that you will kick yourself for never realizing it. And this story must be read symbolically, looking for hidden meanings in order to... >>More<<
The Ten Laws Of Being A Man by Dr Paul
How to Instantly Overcome the Ten Pitfalls of Masculine Life, & Master the Ten Skills That Are Yours Forever When You Do.A very long time ago I realized that being a man was not going to be something that would just happen to me as I passively wait. As a boy, I thought that if I simply worked hard... >>More<<
The Secrets Of Mature Masculine Power by Dr Paul
Since my finalizing in 1999 of the first unification theory of psychology, called Mind OS, the operating system of the human mind, I have worked to help people of all walks of life with the technology. Over those years I have come to take a special interest in the unique needs of men in the... >>More<<
Get Your Send On A Guide To Effective Communication With The Opposite Sex by Dr Paul
This book based on Mind OS, the operating system of the human mind, copyright 1999, Paul Dobransky M.D. When life sucks, sometimes a guy just has to evolve. That's what I was thinking three to four years ago when I first discovered "Sending". I was in between girlfriends, having just had yet... >>More<<
The Gentleman Toolbox 101 Fun Things To Do While You Socialize With Women by Dr Paul
When I started this book, I realized that it might end up full of adolescent fun, and it IS. Yet on a closer look, you are going to see that SCIENCE is at the root of every exercise. There is a reason that the following techniques of social play are effective at charging up any night out on the... >>More<<