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Derek Rake
Commercial Alias Name: Derek Rake Real Name: Derek Rake Date of Birth: January 01, 1976 Height: 5'9"
Nationality: Singaporean

My name is Derek Rake. I have been a member of the seduction community since December 2003. I also write books on dating and seduction - you might have heard of "How To Seduce Out Of Your League" book which I published in 2006. A quick Google search on my name will show some of the articles that I have written which got published online.

Here's how things got started...

Ever since I found the community, my dating life has improved by leaps and bounds. I have dated no less than 200 women in six years, and coached more than 100 men achieve considerable success with women. While I got better with women, I found that the aspects of my life have improved also - this is what known as the 'spilllover effect' in the community.


I am telling you that not to boast, but to show that if *I* could do it, anyone can (believe me, I was at the worst ever condition six years ago a man could ever be in - grossly overweight, with ZERO experience with women and close-to-zero social skills), and to become better with women is a worthwhile goal for every man. And in the process, it's not uncommon to see drastic improvement in other areas of your life too.

But you know what else?

I am thankful to both the community as well as a certain 'Zen Master' who has taken me under his wings to teach me absolutely mindblowing shit that I never knew about women. He was the inspiration behind this blog (hence the title Zen & The Art Of Seduction)...I will tell you about his inspiring story in the blog postings.

Why am I doing this?

By writing this, I hope to give back by sharing my knowledge and experience with the community. With me you will find tips and insights on the topic of dating and seduction - from my personal experience as well as from coaching my clients. These are tried-and-tested and validated-in-real-life stuff we are talking about here, folks.

I am based in Singapore and have traveled quite a bit my entire 30 years of life - to the US, UK, all over Europe, UAE, Tunisia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong. I commute frequently to the neighboring Malaysia to attend to some of my coaching clients.

I am also an administrator for the Malaysia Lair - I have great relationships with my Lair brothers, and we still go out "on a sarge" from time to time even though I am officially 'semi-retired' (again...fodder for another posting...).

If you'd like to get in touch or just to say hi, here's my personal email. As you could probably tell, I have absolutely no pretension to be a 'dating guru', and I try to reply every email I get, so give it a shot!

Products Authored or Coached by Derek Rake

1. How To Seduce Out Of Your League, Author: Derek Rake
2. Dark Rake Method: How To Hypnotize A Woman In 3 Minutes or Less (January 01, 2010), Author: Derek Rake
3. ZenGasms - How To Master Female Orgasms (January 01, 2010), Author: Derek Rake
4. The Player's Guide For Seducing Women (January 01, 2010), Author: Derek Rake
5. 15Tactics: Secrets of Subliminal Seduction (April 01, 2010), Author: Derek Rake