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The Brokenhearted Kid's Biography(Photos)

The Brokenhearted Kid
Karl Meyer (aka The Brokenhearted Kid) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 21 Hometown: Avalon (Catalina island), CA Occupation: Radioshack Sales Associate Status: 1 Girlfriend who broke his heart

Upon meeting Karl, you will be instantly drawn to his personality and entertained by his offbeat antics, his quirky giggle and his ability to turn even the most mundane of subjects into an interesting conversation. If you happen to be a beautiful woman and you meet him through a mutual friend (as he definitely won't approach you on the street) he will surely end up being your friend. Just a friend! Always just friends! As a Radioshack employee he loves playing with his techy toys; things like surfing the web on his iPod Touch are a great excuse to not engage the pretty woman sitting next to him at the coffee shop in conversation. His one justifiable girlfriend was pretty much the worst experience in his life, as she was an emotionally abusive lying cheater. As a successful photographer and self proclaimed "decent musician" he knows he has a lot going for him, but his insecurities regarding women go much further back. Throughout his early years he was the most made fun of kid in school, and was never looked at twice by any of his young crushes. Since then his fear of attempting to attract women stems from his fear of being rejected like he always was. With a newfound sense of confidence and a few learned skills Karl would love to be able to (as Mystery put it in season 1) "Pull the trigger!" and never end up as "just friends" again.