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Paul Janka
Real Name: Paul Janka Affiliation: Paul Janka, The Attraction Formula Website:

Paul Janka became famous for his Attraction Code ebook and his appearance on TV shows such as Dr. Phil. His method seems to focus on quick street approaches with swift number closes. He then systematically works those numbers for dates and other plans. Paul Janka Went From A Shy, Awkward, 20 Year Old Virgin To Having Sex With Over 146 Women! PUAs have criticized him for being overly reliant on their looks and also that his game is very specific to big cities such as New York.

Now Paul Janka is a 32-year old New York playboy who became an Internet celebrity after reports of his sexual exploits (both good and bad) surfaced on websites such as Gawker.

Paul Janka became even better known after going on "The Today Show" and "The Dr. Phil Show" and discussing his controversial attitudes toward women.

Paul Janka has recently written an ebook called " Attraction Formula" where he gives his secrets that allowed him to go from a from a shy, awkward, 20-year old virgin to having sex with over 146 women. Now he has dedicated his life to showing men who are in similar situations to his or are just looking to improve their success with women the secrets that he learned in regards to attracting women Paul Janka "Pickup artist" extraordinaire, of the most skeevy, nasty sort. He's still alive, in the world, and writing sexy things about "dating" methods! This recent email blast tells of his romantic trip to bone skanks, in Paris.

Paul Janka is a man I just become aware of through my friend Christian Hudson. Paul Janka was recently featured on MSNBC. Paul Janka lives and seduces in New York City and is extremely successful at it. Apparently, it's a numbers game for him. Direct is his game. With NYC having millions of residents, one can never run out of single, attractive women. Christian tells me that he's hung out with him, and he's the real deal. Christian has already learned alot about seduction through him, and that's coming from a guy that's run a pick up company.

Paul Janka's Dating Techniques

What's my dating philosophy? I was on the phone last night with two friends and we were discussing the dos and don'ts of dating in New York City. From that conversation, I can thread out a few general themes. Before we get there, though, let me say I have a dual aim when I spend time with a woman: to have fun and to maintain my integrity as a man. Maintaining my integrity means honoring what I want in the process and not being manipulated by a woman's agenda. This has to be an active process because I've found that women in the City - consciously or not - operate by a societal script that doesn't incorporate my interests as a man.

Paul Janka Quotes

Judge a women based on how she behaves, not on how she looks.

This accomplishes at least two important things. First, it sets you apart from all the other men chasing her. A "hot" girl has legions of men doing her bidding. She'll notice a guy who doesn't grant her special treatment. She'll respect you for your boundaries, EVEN IF SHE DISMISSES YOU AS NOT USEFUL TO HER. Of course, you can bend to her whims, but you'll be in a lower status category immediately. Such an unequal pairing is not sustainable.

Secondly, it's how a woman behaves (her character) that determines if you'll be happy with her, not how she looks (which fade, anyhow).
As a man, you have two choices: the comfort and convenience of a committed relationship, or the uncertainty and excitement of the single life. If you choose the latter, you need to come to terms with an emotion that can bedevil you if you're not careful: frustration.

Depending on your appetite and the rotation you employ, you may be seeing quite a number of girls per week. This is the benefit of learning how to pick up women. Carefree, fun, light and full of variety - that's abundance at its best.

However, even the most seasoned player needs to deal with frustration because women can behave in a particularly irresponsible manner when they know things are casual. Of course, it depends on the girl, but many women feel entitled to break plans at the last minute, to be annoyingly vague or to be old-fashioned teases. I discuss strategies for mitigating this in Attraction Formula, but nothing is 100%. You'll find yourself up against a wall sometimes, chasing smoke. Even the best of us do it. However, over time, you'll learn to ferret out time-wasters and other false-starts.