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Paul's Biography(Photos)

Paul (of Vibe Society) is a free spirit from Oregon. He enjoys acting in New York City and is always looking for new adventures, whether it be through his work as an actor, taking on transvestite roles or being in front of millions on reality TV. He also helps Vibe Society train its students to become men that women love to have and has been doing so for over the past 3 years.

With a 150 IQ, Paul is a master at quick-witted and playful banter. He is a prankster, and a goofball who is best known for his ability to be totally in the moment. Often, the direction he takes surprises even himself and women will either love him or hate him. But it's all from a positive place at heart.

Paul is currently a master instructor for Vibe Society, teaching our NEW 6 Week Challenge programs.