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Mike Rsd's Biography

Mike Rsd
Mike started his career with Real Social Dynamics as an corporate finance intern, and then a business manager. While in the field with Tyler, Mike demonstrated a strong potential and was invited to join the RSD Instructor Training Program while living at the Project Hollywood Mansion.

During his first weekend of Live Programs, Mike demonstrated a natural ability to consistently attract women, whether they are with their girlfriends, talking to other men, or whether they are just by themselves. After graduating from UCLA with a bachelors degree in philosophy, Mike dedicated himself to "the game".

"Mike proved to have an excellent understanding of game mechanics. He quickly recognized exactly what was wrong after the initial briefing, and summed it up simply - a lack of signaling intent on my part. He then gave...loads of attract material for high energy environments before we headed out to test it.

Since finishing the workshop, I have found definite progress...I find that I can hook almost every set and establish attraction easily. In the past two weeks I have made definite progress, including more make-outs, extremely solid number closes, [sex] and 2 girls that I should have [had sex with] but didn't have the logistics to.

I would highly recommend the Bootcamp to anyone who feels they need direction or that their game has stalled, and I would definitely advise people to ask for Mike - especially if they want to be more dominant or confident in set.

He also gave an excellent explanation of cold reading and how compliments work, and how to adjust your value and hers in set. The great thing about Mike is that he was a natural before joining RSD and his confidence, attitude and understanding is absolutely excellent, he exudes this naturally and much more importantly, he knows how to communicate this attitude and instill it in his pupils."

- Keith B. from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Mike has traveled the world as an international playboy and a "bad boy" that women just love to be around. From engaging in threesomes from his first weekend out with Real Social Dynamics to seducing gorgeous Hollywood socialites, Mike has added a new twist and dynamic to the company.

When women meet Mike, they are quickly engaged in verbal jousts leading to sexual tension and physical intimacy. With an uncanny ability to gain attraction over the phone, Mike is able to consistently attract and date beautiful women, especially for threesome relationships.

During several months as the wingman of Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches from Australia, Europe, and North America, Mike refined his already natural skill-set into a more refined art, and he is teaching his own unique method during Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

"Mike was a fantastic overall instructor who taught me an unbelievable amount over a short period of time. For months and months, I had walked the streets, parks and stores of Manhattan, surrounded by the world's most beautiful women. Opportunity to seize the day confronted me each morning. But instead I found myself completely unable to pull the trigger.

Starting a conversation with someone is one of the most simple elements of human interaction, but for me, and millions of guys like me across the world, this task became an obstacle more fearsome and relentless than anything I had ever faced. But this weekend, with the help of my friend Mike, I smashed through this obstacle like a sledgehammer.

Today, I approached during the day more than 15 times the numbers of women that I approached during the prior two decades. Blondes, brunettes, red heads, older women, younger ones and girls my age, girls with headphones, girls with groceries, girls with cigarettes, girls with dogs. It was accomplishment that anyone would be proud of. But I see now, that is with all things in life, there are many more bridges to cross before I achieve my dreams."

- Brian H. from New York, NY, USA