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How To Get Her Chasing You by Real Social Dynamics
Sometimes an extremely hot woman so lives in the frame that SHE is the chooser that, even if you do everything else RIGHT and have social proof from other girls, she still won't actively chase you.Even if you touch her, have great conversations with her, and she sees you with other hot girls, in... >>More<<
The Fastest Easiest Most Effective Way To Attract Women by Real Social Dynamics
"Get the Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective Way to Attract the Women You Always Wanted" We'll show you how to attract any women in any situation through LIVE demonstration in the field in any city of your choice..."These guys represent the cutting edge of knowledge when it comes to meeting women, and... >>More<<
Amsterdam Seminar Notes by Real Social Dynamics
Here's a micro review of RSD: - Teaches you how to be cool - Teaches you social skills you may lack - Pushes you into lots of sets - Some incredible instructors (ie Geoff, 26) - Different instructor styles appeal to difference people - Very high-intensity seminars, very intense,... >>More<<