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Real Man
The REAL MAN Academy is India's first dating and seduction workshop.

We teach men every step of attracting a woman : from eye contact to sex. From approaching her, engaging her interest, displaying high value, creating attraction, exchanging phone numbers, taking things forward on the phone, meeting again and kissing without making her uncomfortable. And finally, the skill of rocking her world in the bedroom.

If a man doesn't have the skills to attract and sexually satisfy a woman, it creates a peculiar kind of insecurity that affects all aspects of his life.

The truth is, whatever a man does for 'financial success' is related in some way or the other to attracting women.

But no matter how much money a man makes, the insecurity does not go away.

Only one thing eliminates it : actually LEARNING how to attract a woman.

I know, because I have been through that insecurity.

I distinctly remember my mindset before I learnt how to attract women.

There is a big difference today.

My relationships have improved because I am no longer afraid that she will leave me, or that I will not find anybody else. Even when I'm single, I am content. No longer is that niggling fear that I will not find another woman.

Personally, I believe, learning the ability to attract a woman is one of the most important investments a man could possibly make in his life.

In could be THE most important investment.

The Real Man workshops are conducted by Shiva, the well-known dating and sexuality expert. Our work has been featured in leading Indian publications.