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Showcase's Biography(Photos)

Showcase was an awkward teenager. Although sometimes he was able to build attraction in girls, he would quickly destroy it when he would act nervously around them. Despite having a few girlfriends, Showcase was not dating the type of women he was truly interested in dating. One day after getting home from school, Showcase was introduced to Neil Strauss' The Game by his roommate and wing Wild Card.

Shortly after, he soon found himself entangled in the wonders of the seduction community, with his close friend and longtime wing Prophet. Showcase immersed himself in as much material as he could possibly consume, testing ridiculous tactics and gambits in field, and of course taking place in extreme and embarrassing social experiments.

In 2007, he signed up for his first Venusian Arts Bootcamp with Mystery and Matador as the instructors. This was one of the first Venusian Arts Bootcamp since The Venusian Arts Corporation had been founded. The Bootcamp was the first big step into mastering the social arts. After taking all the advice and new found knowledge learned, Prophet and Showcase trained in both Canada and the United States in order to fine tune their social skill sets.

As well as continuing his training in the Venusian Arts with Mystery and Matador, he is also currently concluding his undergrad in the computer sciences and is about to start his post grad in network security. When he is not traveling, Showcase produces, writes, and directs films with Prophet. Showcase is on a constant quest for self betterment and spends a lot of his time improving himself.