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Linda Martz Books 

Erotic Massage Beginning The Legs by Linda Martz
Advices how to make erotic massage for legs for beginners. Giving and receiving a massage can be a wonderfully personal and at times erotic pleasure for both the person receiving the massage and the person giving it! A massage can stimulate the body, relax the mind and make someone feel that much... >>More<<
How To Give A Foot Massage by Linda Martz
Learning to give a good foot massage is one of the nicest gifts you can give to your own two feet, or to those of a friend! The ultimate study in this area is called "reflexology," and is something you may want to delve into further if you wish to use foot massage as a health care treatment. This... >>More<<
Massage Techniques by Linda Martz
Massage is the best ice-breaker! It's true! How many times have you found yourself in a situation with a guy that you really wanted but you weren't sure what your first move should be, or even if you should make a first move. Try offering him a back rub or a massage, or imply that you would like to... >>More<<
Erotic Massage Oil by Linda Martz
Some Erotic Massage Oil Recipes. She loves massages and she loves sex, so wouldn't it be spectacular if you could combine the two acts and create a night that she won't soon forget? Whether you want to add a little spice to a fizzling romance or you're looking for a way to impress a new lover, a... >>More<<