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Jordan's Biography

Jordan and AJ came out of seemingly nowhere this past January as co-hosts of the Pickup Podcast show, which has since become a runaway hit topping the major category of "Health" on iTunes. Any guy who has heard the show can quickly figure out why. These guys bring a masculine presence and straight-up attitude to their craft that is undeniable. Listening to them run game on their show, there is no doubt these two can walk the talk. What is even more valuable is how they impart their considerable knowledge and skill in a confident yet never arrogant manner--and it's this sense that you're dealing with two genuinely cool guys which flat-out compels guys to tune in week after week. Having been a guest on Pickup Podcast myself, it was especially thrilling to have Jordan and AJ stop by and focus in on the topic I've been dying for them to uniquely address: What is it that happens to a guy in his late twenties to early thirties that really firms up his attractiveness to women? AJ and Jordan consistently demonstrate that they have this stuff down pat, so all of you younger guys out there can actually get a head start on what is going on there and how to make it happen ASAP...without actually having to get any older just yet.