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Patron Saint's Biography(Photos)

Patron Saint
Rian Turner (aka Patron Saint of the Overlooked) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 29 Hometown: Portland, OR Occupation: Video Game Sales Associate Status: Virgin, Never Had A Girlfriend One date and a girlfriend in the third grade, that is the extent of Rian's love life. He hasn't had sex or even a real kiss! Even worse, his date was bi-sexual and never had any real interest in him and his kiss came from a game of spin the bottle with friends while in college. He's always been self-concious having been picked on a lot in elementary and high school. His nickname in elementary was 'Beaver Breath" because of his massive overbite and bad breath. In high school, girls would often play pranks on Rian, telling him that another girl in school liked him, but it was all a big joke meant to embarrass him. Having avoided girls for so long, Rian has lost his radar and can't tell if girls are/aren't interested and because of all the rejection he's faced, he never puts himself out there romantically in fear of being embarrassed. So, instead, he just hangs out at his house where he lives with his mom and dad.