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Brent Smith's Biography(Photos)

Brent Smith
Real Name: Brent Smith Affiliation: Absolute Power Dating / Brent Method Website:

Brent, another PUA from back in the day who teaches private instruction bootcamps. He was mentioned in Richard La Ruina's book as an instructor who Richard trained with prior to starting PUA Training.

Brent flips common pickup thinking on its ear. Brent is another one of the Original Gurus we met back in 2001. At the time his method for getting a girl from his living room into his bedroom seemed like pure genius, and well, it still is! Since then Brent has evolved even more radical ideas that make women chase him, in fact with his method he never takes phone numbers, instead he only gives out his and the women call him. Sound too good to be true? Learn for yourself from him in person how to do it!

Insiders in the Seduction Community point to Brent as one of the few guys who truly has the kind of "game" that most men only dream of. Like Will H., Brent is a fixture on David D.'s programs, once coining the now famous and immutably ironic mantra that resonates so well with any guy who understands it: "The difference that makes the difference is indifference". Having recently celebrated his 42nd birthday, Brent was my number one go-to guy when considering who to invite for this discussion. And let me tell you, there are no disappointments. As he concentrates much of his energy on direct coaching, Brent is one of those guys whose material is just way to hard for most guys to get their hands on. As such, I'm very pleased to have him on as a part of VIRTUOSITY. If you have only heard rumors of how on-point Brent is, this discussion is sure to blow you away. And even if you aren't exactly over forty just yet, take my word for'll be taking reams of notes based on what this guy has to offer. You just don't get this kind of wisdom from your garden-variety press interview.

Brent is known for being the one who first helped David DeAngelo (creator of the massively popular "Double Your Dating" Series) "see the light", put everything together and taught him many of the concepts within his series of of products and materials.

Brent is a Lifestyle Advisor and offers 1:1 and group couching through Absolute Power Dating.

Brent Quotes

(About Brent by another PUA) Brent is completely different. Brent provides no illusions that it will be any more than a one-night stand. Girls know that they will be used and discarded and they don't care. Brent is the Sexy Son. I'm willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of the women that Brent sleeps with are in socially monogamous relationships.
I want to be crystal clear about where I stand when it comes to women and relationships. I love and respect women. My lifestyle is not about manipulating, hypnotizing or tricking women into liking, dating or getting physical with me. I'm not a licensed therapist nor do I hold any degrees in psychology; my degree is in LIFE.

The main goal in MY life is to have fun and to bring men and women together. I used to be committed to nothing and attached to everything. Now, It's the opposite and my life is incredible!