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The Fire Of Seduction by Bishop
This is 330 page e-book of Michael Emery aka Bishop. After a 4 year absence, Bishop is back with his latest seduction product called, "The Fire of Seduction." Now, no matter who you are, there is way to be NATURALLY seductive around women! There is a way to move past whatever has ever stood in your... >>More<<
Beta Into Alpha Unleashing The Phoenix by Bishop
Here is a sample of what awaits you:" What Is an Alpha - This chapter covers all the aspects of the old understanding about what made someone an Alpha, then shows real life world proof how that simply is not an accurate description of today's Alpha. Like how up to now you never heard of an Alpha... >>More<<
Bishops Journal by Bishop
Original 160-page book with tons of stories, poems, and patterns. This journal details many of The Bishop's seductions, along with incorporating many new Speed Seduction patterns, stories, and poems. Read this entire book multiple times. Why? Because in these stories I am giving you a MASSIVE... >>More<<
The Complete Unlimited Lover by Bishop
This book is NOT based on statistics, surveys, or anonymous interviews. This book IS based on the, in the trenches, between the sheets, orgasmic experiences, of myself, some seduction masters, and many of the most sexually charged bisexual women I know. I have been called a "master" of seduction, a... >>More<<
Bishop Erotic Bedtime Stories Volume 1 by Bishop
You grow up hearing stories of love and magic, the kind with castles that sit on perfect green fields and have views of the purest blue seas. But could those stories ever be real, could they ever come true? Could I ever truly meet a man with a voice that seemed like silk upon my ears? Or be carried... >>More<<
New Alpha Reports The Black Hole Effect by Bishop
Do any of the following sound like you, or a direct opposite of you?* Out of fifty acres of land, you seem to always step in the one spot that has dog crap.* Nearly every time you go to a store, you manage to find a parking space near the front.* Whenever an emergency occurs, you somehow come into... >>More<<
Building Creative Fire by Bishop
The key, in my opinion, to truly wonderful seductive poems, stories, and patterns, is imagination. When I sit down to write a poem, pattern, or story, I make sure it's worded in such a way, that you can't help but visualize the reality. I haven't had any special training, nor have I taken any... >>More<<