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Bishop's Biography(Books)(Photos)

My name is Michael "Bishop" Emery.
When it comes to attracting beautiful women, I have discovered for a fact that it can be done, and done very powerfully, without any rehearsed pick-up lines, canned routines or tricks, and it really does not matter what you look like or what your financial wealth level is. It all comes down to creating a solid connection with women. And it's not about having power over women, it's about having power with women. When you know how to create and build that kind of connection with women, you will never again experience a "dry spell" and you will live a life filled with beautiful women and fulfilling relationships that has nothing to do with "luck" and everything to do with having the right skills. No matter if you want to get better at approaching women, knowing how to talk to them, or get them powerfully attracted to you, I want to help. I have helped so many guys become so skilled at having beautiful women in their lives, I even put a guarantee on it. If my e-course "The Fire of Seduction" doesn't work for you, I will give you your money back! I do not mean just 30 days from now or even 6 months from now...I will give you an entire YEAR to learn my secrets and if you feel it did not work for you I will still give you your money back. I'll take all the risk because I know my stuff works for everyone! Most guys are clueless about what women want in a man and what really attracts them. So even if you learn just a few chapters from "The Fire of Seduction" you will have a better chance with beautiful women than most guys! Imagine how that will feel!