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Dr Gabriel's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Dr Gabriel
Dr. Gabriel Raam is engaged in development, instruction and implementation of body language for advancing managerial, sales, service and other professional performances.

He specializes in analyzing the components of non verbal behavior in inter-personal communication and in promoting awareness and use of methods implementing body language in one's professional and personal performance.

Gabriel founded the center for Body Language research, training and consulting in Israel at 1982. He is related to as the local leading professional in his field, or if you wish...the "Guru" of Body Language. Gabriel is also included within the international selected group of world accredited professionals in the field of non verbal communication, and is a member of the International Speech Communication Association. Gabriel's in-depth analysis are often quoted in the national news-papers not less than they themselves are invited to TV and radio programs to share their revealing readings of subconscious messages conveyed by local and world leaders in their public appearances. Quite often he points out subtle emotional leakages or give away signs - usually not noticed by most people, shedding light on what lies beyond the portrayed external phased of renowned public figures.

Gabriel is also reputed for his unique methods of training and implementing body language "know how" to business persons, performers, sales persons, physicians and many other professional needs. He personally teachs courses, workshops and seminars - showing people how to best use body language to advance their self and professional performance. His self-developed training methods are aimed not only at providing a vast understanding of how body language works and how to best use it - but as well at helping people to develop a sensitivity and self awareness to non verbal messages. Participants in his classes testify of becoming more effective and persuasive in their communication with others -- by practicing Raam's guide lines and tips, implementing the non verbal techniques they have been given and adopting a positive and effective body language.

Gabriel is as well top speaker renown for his motivating, capturing delivery, often spiced up with lively stories and demonstration, humor and a bit of artistic flavor. Those who attended his lectures once - are left with an everlasting positive impression. Gabriel knows his subject, as well as his audience. Some speakers motivate, others teach, a few entertain. Gabriel does all three, having the unique ability to capture, elevate and motivate an audience as well as to educate them with practical information that can be put to immediate use by delegating their business and personal lives.

Gabriel and Nili - a working team as well as a married couple, claim to be personally benefited from their increased sensitivity to each other's body language. "Intimacy", they say, " is not attained by what one says, but rather by one's non-verbal actions, by the "how" rather then by "what".

Gabriel has started developing photo-analysis as a sub-branch of Body Language some years ago. His research and findings has led him to establish this exciting area as a new tool for obtaining an indirect accurate information about people. Photo-analysis is quite a breakthrough in the field of personality and inter-personal relationship analysis. It may serve as a valuable, reliable tool for sorting, analyzing or evaluating individuals for HR, psychologists or other similar professionals, as well as for private, social or business purposes.

Nili and Gabriel wrote 4 books, 3 of which are steady sellers. Their last published book "Men and Women Beyond Words" is most successful.