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Zan Perrion
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Zan Perrion is one of the early members of the seduction community, and a strong advocate of natural game. His company, Enlightened Seduction, teaches guys how to be more attractive to women without relying on canned lines and routines. Zan is an internationally lauded writer and professional speaker with the an uncanny skill of informing and inspiring his audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life. Zan Perrion is an influential force in the seduction community. He advocates sincerity in the pursuit of women and is thus a proponent of natural game. Zan travels the world teaching men and women the art of seduction and is also runs a natural game forum where artists who are into the natural game method can discuss ideas and new breakthroughs. Zan is also a frequent speaker within PUA communities, and his non PUA lingo also prompts much media attention from dating magazines to news broadcasts of a traveling "Casanova".

An entire chapter of "The Game" was devoted to Zan, and he's become extremely well-known for his more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women, romance, and pursuit of more exciting relationships through romance.

Zan Perrion, dubbed the modern day Casanova and a seducer in the true classic sense of the word. With his rich history with women and with the deep passion he has for them as his main drive, Zan offers an almost opposite perspective to the other PUAs and dating gurus out there. Instead of continually being obsessed with your inner or outer game, try the true charmer's way of focusing on the magic of the woman in front of you.

Zan was the first ever to illuminate natural game and also probably the only dating coach who truly practices it. Think the Don Juan romancer, not the hyperactive drunk-like nightclub PUA. In this program Zan talks about the 10 traits of a true natural, as well as on the course of male, female and relationship behavior. He does include plenty of real life examples of how he tends to behave and talk while meeting women, so there's no shortage of practical advice

David DeAngelo has called Zan "an example of a true natural". Neil Strauss devoted an entire chapter to him in his New York Times bestseller The Game, Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists - calling him "the undisputed heavyweight of the genre". Mystery has proclaimed "I want to be like Zan!"

Zan has always focused on a very "natural" approach to dating and seduction... shying away from routines, scripts and all the other things that make pickup hard.

Zan's approach to succes with women makes him the closest guru to a modern version of Casanova, so be prepared to be transported back in time to the origins of seduction.

We're proud to have him part of our event.

Zan Perrion offers his services through his venture, Way of Attraction.