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Tyler Tray - The 3 Irrefutable Secrets Of Attraction (copyrighted book, review only)

Cover of Tyler Tray's Book The 3 Irrefutable Secrets Of Attraction
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Tyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for Men. He teaches men how to attract women by sending flirty text messages.
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Publisher:  PUA Media Library
Category:   Art Of Attraction
Author:      Tyler Tray
Format:      eBook
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Creating attraction is one of the most important skills a man can learn in becoming more successful with women. As for women, they just need to become good at looking attractive. Here's why I pointed this out: "Most men focus on being attractive rather then creating attraction." A response I have had to this is: "Well I am not good looking and I don't get women coming to me like that guy, so that is why I care so much about being attractive." My response to that is: "Yes, being attractive can help at the beginning as long as you carry yourself right, BUT a woman will be turned off in a heart beat if you can't create attraction after that."

This is as true as it gets. It's the not so good looking men that are almost always better with women in the big picture. Most of the time the good looking men focus just on their attractiveness and their ability to create attraction is so low that they never end up having those exceptional women. Here's why the not so good-looking men end up having the real success with women: "They do what they can with their attractiveness and they focus on creating attraction, which is what creates the emotional connection that women need to have to be interested in you."

If this is new to you then you are in for some interesting stuff. If you understand this concept then lets keep improving where you are at. Overall, focus on creating attraction, this is where you will have the real success with women. I created the "3 Irrefutable Secrets Of Attraction" to focus on some of the key topics of being able to create attraction and ultimately how to create real success with women. Let's jump into this and discover some laws that most men forget to apply...

Tyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for Men. He teaches men how to attract women by sending flirty text messages.