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Tyler Tray - The Ultimate Texting Guide For Man (copyrighted book, review only)

Cover of Tyler Tray's Book The Ultimate Texting Guide For Man
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Tyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for Men. He teaches men how to attract women by sending flirty text messages.
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Publisher:  PUA Media Library
Category:   Text Game
Author:      Tyler Tray
Format:      eBook
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From - Tyler Tray: Texting has become a huge part of being able to create attraction with women. I have seen to many men fall short of sending the right messages. When you can send the right flirty message you will...

* Create attaction with less effort and risk

* Discover what kind of comments women love to hear. Then you can apply those comments in real life, personal/dating sites and texting time and time again.

* You will save a ton of time because you won't have to rack your brain trying to figure out the right words to say.

* Have more women desiring to be with you because most men don't really know how to send flirty text message to women.

What I am about to show you is going to surprise you. Texting is a lot more then just a communication device, it's the new way of creating attaction. To your dating success, Tyler Tray

Testimonials From Readers:

"The text guide is the ultimate guide that deals speicifically with texting and texting is a big thing in the UK, even more so that the US. Other guys deal with it in bits and pieces but this is the complete guide." - Pete M., U.K.

"Your texting guide worked amazingly. Not only did it make me laugh my ass off because the responses were exactly what I wanted to hear, but some girls straight up would say, "I'm off my game today, sorry." Everybody loves hearing that. Also, it just overall helped open up conversation. Your guide works. Simple truth." - Soner C., B.C. Canada

"I couldn't believe how much The Ultimate Texting Guide effected my sex life... These flirting tips and texting tips are amazing " - John F. Colorado, U.S.

"I had been trying to get this girl to dig me and it just wasn't working, and then after applying just a few of tyler's trays texting tips I was easily able to take myself out of the freind zone and now she's all about me..." - Andy M. Brisbane, Austrailia

"It's a perfect system! The Texting Guide, showed me how to get the number and exactly what to text. I have women right now dying to be with me because of this texting guide. The best part is that it built my confidence and now I know how and what to say to the women I feel nervous around..." - Sid W. Northampton, England

"I just finished up The Ultimate Texting Guide and, WOW... What I liked best was the real world applications and texting tips. Some of the things that has not worked for me in the past was that I would text girls like they were my friends and I didn't really get anywhere with that... The Ultimate Texting Guide even had a lot of example texts to use that I could just send to girls. It was really eye opening, a lot of good information... The information in The Ultimate Texting Guide is well worth the investment, I don't think you will see it anywhere else." - IBen L., 23 Scottsdale AZ

"I am what some people call a natural in the real world but I was never a big fan of texting until I read The Ultimate Texting Guide. It's step-by-step guide to being successful with girls.... Except it or not texting is part of today's world and if anything it's becoming more predominant... Any phone that text messages should have Tyler Tray's hand book attached to it..." - Ian, 28 San Francisco CA

Tyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for Men. He teaches men how to attract women by sending flirty text messages.