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NLP Subliminal Manipulation's T-Shirt.

Unique T-shirt contains a image created using a special NLP software, which affects girls.

How It Works:

  • Evokes positive associations with you, evokes sympathetic to you.
  • Relaxes girls, sets them to flirt.
  • Increases your chances of a positive results in pickuping girls.
  • Has no analogues and made by unique technique by certified NLP master, using special software.
  • Absolutely ethical because contributes positively and brings positive emotions.
  • Free worldwide delivery.
* Disclaimer: You should already have the basic PUA skills and be able to do basic things in dating girls.
** If you do not know what it was about, read about subliminal influence

Information on delivery times:

United States - 4-7 business days
Canada & Mexico - 7-21 days
Other International - 5-12 days

All t-shirts are made with the best materials using special digital printing and embroidery technologies, and most are produced within 24 hours.
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