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Emotions Books 

Emotions Revealed Recognizing Faces And Feelings by Paul Ekman
Emotions determine the quality of our lives. They occur in every relationship we care about--in the workplace, in our friendships, in dealings with family members, and in our most intimate relationships. They can save our lives, but they can also cause real damage. They may lead us to act in ways... >>More<<
Building Iron Clad Trust The Four Levels Of Deep Emotional Connection by Garrison Lawrence
This e-book, another in the series of "Real-World" No B.S. Instructional products and workshops PickUp 101 provides you for dating, relationships, and maximum success with women.Almost every weekend, my professional team of instructors and I are out in bars, supermarkets, and cafe's perfecting and... >>More<<
A Preliminary Study Of The Emotion Of Love Between The Sexes by Sanford Bell
"The emotion of love between the sexes has as yet received no thorough scientific treatment. No writer so far as I can find has treated it from a genetic standpoint. The literature upon the subject is therefore meager. In his recent treatise upon "The Psychology of the Emotions, " Ribot remarks:... >>More<<