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Norm Li's Biography(Photos)

Norm Li
Norman Li, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Singapore Management University. Before that, he was an Evolutionary Psychology faculty at the University of Texas. Alongside former colleagues David Buss and Devendra Singh, Dr. Li is one of the world's authorities on mating and attraction from an evolutionary perspective.

He has published various papers on mating in prestigious academic journals and he has also been featured on The Learning Channel, the Discovery Channel, and in various other media outlets. He is currently developing ideas for a book that will be of great interest to the flirtation community.

Far from being an ivory-tower academic with no real world experiences, Dr. Li earned an MBA in finance early in his career and worked for several years in consulting and finance. A man of not only ideas but also action, shortly after arriving in Singapore in 2008, Dr. Li caught a child falling off an escalator and was nominated for Hero of the Year by The New Paper. Her World magazine also selected Dr. Li as one of 50 "Men We Love".