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Vin Dicarlo's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Vin Dicarlo
Real Name: Vin DiCarlo Affiliation: DiCarlo DiClassified, The Attraction Code Website:

Vin DiCarlo (formerly known as Woodhaven) is one of the coolest and laid back Gurus you will ever meet, beneath his unassuming exterior, founder of DiCarlo DiClassified, a high-end dating consultancy that offers confidential private coaching to students around the world. He is best known for the "DiCarlo Escalation Ladder", which is a step-by-step break down of kino escalation.

Vin DiCarlo is an experienced PUA who first caught the attention of the community for his analytical posts on ASF (where he posted under the alias "Woodhaven"). Vin DiCarlo is most well known for the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, a step-by-step kino escalation ladder that breaks down the process of kino from the first touch, all the way to sex. Vin DiCarlo is one of the absolute masters at controlling logistics in order to lead to one place, his bed! (or, in his early days, he passenger seat of his van, but that is a story for another time)

His now famous DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, used to transition seamlessly to sex once a women is back at your place, has helped countless men. Some of the experiences he's shared with us have shattered our ideas of what's possible on follow-ups and first dates. Vin DiCarlo runs a high-end dating consulting company by the name of "DiCarlo DiClassified", that offers exclusive private coaching for their clients. Vin is also the author of the book, The Attraction Code, which is a synthesis of his learnings in the field as well as from his experience coaching clients.

Vin DiCarlo is changing the face of dating in the modern world. He will help you discover the secret to activating your natural mechanism and put your entire game on auto pilot!

Popularly known for his "DiCarlo DiClassified" concepts, he has been featured Playboy, Double Your Dating Interview With The Dating Gurus, Sirius Satellite Radio, Game On, CBS, and Pickup Podcast.

Vin now runs DiCarlo DiClassified, a high-end dating consultancy.

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There is no absolute and objective value. It is all relative. (Cred: Dimitri) What is valuable to one girl is not valuable to the next. A rich and successful businessman has much value to a low income single mother, but relatively little value to a middle aged sugar mamma looking for a hot young stud. Similarly, some super peacocked goth dude has a lot of value to other goth chicks, but to a college party chick looking for a crazy frat boy, the goth dude is just some lame ass weirdo.