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Tim's Biography(Photos)

Tim is an instructor for Tyler Durden's company - Real Social Dynamics, and is the star of his Flawless Natural Method DVD program.

While attending the Charle Sturt University, Tim became a well-respected DJ at several of the hottest venues throughout Australia. On top of his social proof as a socialite at all the top-tier parties and social gatherings in his social scene, Tim was known as one of the most successful with women.

As the writer of several articles on dating and meeting women, Tim was extremely fascinated by the topics taught at Real Social Dynamics. Thus, Tim enrolled as a client and became the wingman for the weekend of several Executive Coaches at a Real Social Dynamics Classroom Seminar and In-Field Workshop in Sydney.

During his program, Tim had the opportunity to wing with Tyler, who was thoroughly impressed with Tim's skill-set with attracting women.

Several months later, Real Social Dynamics returned to Australia and invited Tim to become a personal coach for the weekend. After demonstrating his ability in the field and as an outstanding Instructor, Tim flew to Los Angeles to enroll in the Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach training program at the Project Hollywood Mansion.

Now, Tim is found coaching clients on how to properly make real live approaches to attractive women and he can be found as an Executive Coach at the Australian Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

"I feel completely rewired and inspired. I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and contributing. This is a GREAT PROGRAM. It breathed new life into my game. Tim is smoothly calibrated and very educational to watch."

- B.B. from San Diego, CA, USA