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Alex Rsd's Biography

Alex Rsd
Alex has worked with the world's most powerful men in the business world. As a corporate attorney, Alex worked on multi-million dollar deals that relied on his expertise. After his work in law, he became a management consultant for CEOs. Now, Alex is a personal consultant and an Executive Coach for Real Social Dynamics.

After spending a couple summers with Real Social Dynamics Management and Executive Coaches in London, Alex moved to Los Angeles to live and train at the Project Hollywood Mansion. During his time in Los Angeles, Alex developed the skills to consistently attractive beautiful women in any situation.

As part of his American tour to New York, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Alex studied and field-tested innovative dating strategies and methods. These techniques combined with his skills as a sharp business-man and a world-class hypnotist make Alex one of the world's most sophisticated experts on attracting women.

Now, after meeting and working with the top dating coaches and executive coaches in North America, Europe, and Asia, Alex lives in London, where he trains clients during Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps. His vast knowledge, culture, and wit give his programs a cutting-edge.

As a personal coach and hypnotherapist, Alex also has a special ability to also work with clients deepest inner game and confidence issues. His ability to see right through a client and identify a client's most haunting sticking points give him the ability to quickly change their mindsets and skillsets.

"I am discovering through experience and feedback the potential and the status of my communication. I haven't quite absorbed and internalized much, but I have absorbed and internalized so much already. Words don't quite deserve the experience. The risky nature of the opening up is made acceptable by Alex.

I am learning to learn back. This is something I have been told before, but this demonstration of how I looked illustrated how ridiculous I am being and I never know it. The honesty from Alex over movements, and their constant attention to nuance in giving me a foothold in self critiquing when I leave, and I know what my work will be directed at in the upcoming months. I came because I came to a zenith with my skills and didn't know hot to keep progressing.

I have been led through the find the best of myself because of Alex's memorable and professional approach. I have never dressed nor thought of dressing how I am now. I have never been put through sets with women that consistently stretched me to my limit. A stayed enjoyable and nerve racking. I am grateful for the experience of a lifetime."

- Peter J. of Portland, MI, USA