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Charisma Books 

Demystifying Charisma by Swinggcat
Hey guys, A few nights ago, I went barhopping with a friend of mine. We both talked to truck loads of women and used practically the same material on them. But by the end of the night my friend's results were so bad he felt that he was blessed with an unlikable self. My experience, however, was the... >>More<<
The Art Of Attraction Program Vol Iii Charismatic Conversation by Daniel Johnson
This is pdf WORKBOOK Vol III of Pickup 101 The Art Of Attraction Program. The Art of Attraction Coaching Program Our flagship core essentials course that will teach you everything you need to know to get exciting dates and fulfilling relationships. Are you finding it hard to get second dates (or... >>More<<
Insider Tips Tactics And Techniques In The Arts Of Seduction Charisma And Attraction by C Kellogg
TWO YEARS OF RESEARCH, a series of sharp and in-depth articles, exposure to over seven million people world wide, and this project has finally come to a climax. HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN 2000 is written from the perspective of the experienced male, because, in the end, we've documented as fact - what... >>More<<
The Seven Elements Of Charisma by Dating Insider
Charisma(n) is a personal attractiveness that enables you to influence others. Seduction has always been the most talked about art, and that is because it is more easily grasped. Learning the art of seduction is extrospective (looking outward), while charisma is introspective (looking inward). Once... >>More<<