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Alexander Rsd's Biography

Alexander Rsd
Alexander grew up in the Gold Coast and after reading about the Real Social Dynamics crew, he attended the Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Superconference and met Tyler and Papa in Sydney. Afterwards, he attended a Real Social Dynamics Bootcamp with Jeffy in the Gold Coast, where he demonstrated his dedication and natural talent.

As someone with a sharp wit, positive outlook on life, and a charming personality, he has always been somebody that has been outgoing and social. In his hometown, Alexander attended the University of Queensland, where he majored in psychology, and worked as a promoter in some of the cities hottest clubs.

However, Alexander has always been intrigued by the dynamics of social dynamics and dating. Thus, when he found out about Real Social Dynamics, he decided to use his education and background in psychology and sociology to understand the dynamics of attracting beautiful women in bars, malls, and his university campus. As a young, ambitious man, he decided he wanted to capture the hearts of beautiful women around the world, and not just in his local scene. Thus, he decided to do a bootcamp.

He attended bootcamp with Jeffy, where he impressed Jeffy. Thus, Alexander was invited to become an intern. During his internship, he did business administration and trained with Tim in Melbourne. He also met with RSD staff in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. During his journey, he went into the field with Tyler, who was thoroughly impressed with Alexander's Game. Thus, Alexander then became an Instructor under the mentorship of Tyler.

Over the past few months, Alexander lived with Tyler in Hawaii, and traveled throughout the major metropolitan cities of the United States and Canada, and worked with various Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches and clients until he decided to return to Australia, where he is available to instruct Bootcamps.

"We got to watch Alexander work a 2 set. Just witnessing his body language and kino really helped me to understand what I was doing right and what I needed to work on. You could see that they were really getting the girls laughing and having a great time... Alexander's one of the top notch professionals that produce REAL results as long as you do what they say and work as hard as they work. It is clear that they really care about doing their job. Not to mention that they are the BEST at it. Anyway... if you?re on the cusp of taking this JUST DO IT. Don?t waste anymore time sitting at home just reading.... this has shaved some serious time off of my game time horizon."

- A. of New York, NY, USA