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Donald Hicks's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Donald Hicks
Donald Hicks attended Southern State Community College and is the author of award-winning poetry, numerous articles, and four novels, including The Divinity Factor (Ozark Mountain Publishing).

Donald Hicks is the author of four novels, numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and award-winning poetry. He attended Southern State Community College and is a devoted researcher of human sexuality and intra-couple relationships. Together with their dog and cat, Donald and his wife of 20 years live on a rolling farm in rural Virginia. They are both currently working on new novels.

When asked why he wrote The Divinty Factor, Don smiled and said:

In Gods classroom, you never know who may be called to stand up and answer the next question. Today it was me: tomorrow it may be you. As to why God chose me to convey this message, I'm still unsure. Perhaps He wanted a challenge. After all, there are plenty of people in the world with higher educations, and there are certainly clearer writers. Yet, in retrospect, I can see how God has been shaping and guiding my life all along. It's akin to a person who whittles. Where others see only a rough piece of firewood, the whittler sees more. They see a bust of Abe Lincoln, or a springing deer, or some other figure ensconced in the wood, just waiting to be freed. God is the greatest whittler of all. I looked at myself and saw only firewood, yet God saw more. He did it with me and He can do it with you.

Together with their pets, Don and his wife Arleta live on a rolling farm in rural Virginia. When not working with the God is Our Friend Organization, they enjoy quiet walks together, painting, gardening, bicycling, and communing with nature and God. Don is currently working on his next novel: The Power of You, which continues the tradition of The Divintiy Factor.