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Patterns Poems And Stories Like Bishops Journal by Social Mastery
Tons of stories, poems and songs. What is love? How do we Love? Why don't we Love? Who should we love? Who shouldn't we love? What do women want? How do you make a man love you?And there have been as many answers as there are questions. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Men can't love.... >>More<<
Speed Rapport by Social Mastery
I'd like to present a new paradigm in thinking about human relationships. This book focuses on Interpersonal Connection. As infants we first experience connection through our senses - through touch, sight, sound... and our emotions are awaked. The barriers between "self" and "other" are not yet... >>More<<
Build Comfort And Trust by Social Mastery
Have you ever noticed how lovers talk to each other and how they act around each other? During college, I was watching a roommate of mine and his girlfriend interact one day and this occurred to me. They were sitting there on the couch cuddling, holding each other and talking "baby" talk to each... >>More<<
Hook Point by Social Mastery
I'm going to talk about an understanding that is very important to GET and is crucial to your success with women. I've heard this called the "Hook point" before (credit Style), but I'm going to expand on this further with some of my realizations about this. >>More<<