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Cameron Teone's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Cameron Teone
Cameron "Iron Man" or "The One" Teone earned his Iron Man nickname from us by meeting a gorgeous professional model while he was dressed like the Big Lebowski after a visit to the gym. (it takes balls of iron for most guys to even talk to such women) He's our "go to" guy and is perhaps best known for helping men in dropping their ineffective routines, and throwing away their canned and cheesy pickup lines and destroying their limiting beliefs. One of his biggest contributions to the pickup & seduction community is the introduction of "Attribute Based Training", a process designed to help trasform guys into men who attract women naturally.

Cameron will delve into a very advanced area of dating that he's never discussed before! He's going to discuss why so many men fail in their quest to improve their dating lives, deliver a thorough understanding of male/female archetypes, and teach how you too can apply it to achieve success in attracting women.

Passionate and fierce, Cameron is who we call on when we need to inspire a revolution. He will teach you how to best utilize your own passions and personality to attract women without the help of silly fuzzy hats or wearing makeup. He may be crude, and he may be tactless, but he will instill upon you the knowledge on how to discern the type of woman you want and how to go about getting her!

Cameron Teone is one of the world's premiere dating coaches in teaching natural game. He is known for his laid-back, accessible approach and unique methods dedicated to self-development. His specialty, however, is helping men drop routines and throw away their canned and cheesy pickup lines--all while destroying their limiting beliefs and helping develop attributes that will attract women naturally. Find out in this audio session what it means to be a man of high quality by defining and living up to your own standard of character. If you have tried and been frustrated by pre-packaged seduction routines and tactics in the past this discussion will empower you like never before.

Passionate, audacious, and satirical, this man applies what he calls the "JKD Approach" to dating. Having studied every possible method of "pickup", he's isolated the practical pieces of all while discarding the least applicable concepts.

Cameron was one of the few steady personalities through the entire Project Hollywood experiment. He came over to the house often, and was also a co-instructor on numerous RSD & Mystery Method workshops.

Unlike a lot of pro-PUAs Cameron both is GOOD and WANTS to help guys get good with women. He's been vetted. All of the really really good PUAs have seen him and worked with him. He's in that top tier of guys who can get results in any environment, under any circumstance.

In my opinion, a pick-up artist can be defined as a guy who CAN reverse an interaction which is not going well. He can sense that the girl is put-off for some reason, and can calibrate to that, adjusting his technique to match the girls energy. This is very very hard to do, and takes an extraordinary amount of experience.

Most coaches these days are able to approach women. BUT, they cannot reverse that negatively flowing interaction. They do not understand the "art" of the pick-up.

Why do you think most newer PUAs these days are good-looking? That's because they get results based upon their looks, and not their skill.

Be very very careful of working with one of the newer companies that exist these days. Most are not vetted. Most are not teaching real, effective skill.

Cameron IS. I know it, because I've seen it. Sure, he's a good looking guy and that helps. But, more importantly, he is able to reverse a conversation that is not going well. He is able to calibrate and redirect the flow of the interaction should it suddenly devolve or change course.

This is not easy to do, and there are very very few of us who can do it. Cameron is one of that small-set of individuals.

Cameron offers training and coaching via his company, Attract Women Anywhere.