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Beckster's Biography(Photos)

Hey Bro,

Here is a bit of background of how I got into game.

Part 1 Age 9 to 17 years

These a point to this whole story (somewhere lol)....

Most people ask me on seminars/bootcamps and 1on1's were you always this good with women, here's your answer.

Really I don't consider myself ginger not anymore, that person isn't dead but merged with a higher being an evolved Rob/Beckster. Some might say altar ego. Cool

It was fine at primary school St John's I even had a girl friend and a few snogs and the girl next door (well 2 doors away) was my girl friend to, she even came to me with her friend and said can we both go out with you, I was 9 or 10 at the time. She even lock me in her room smoke cigs and said if I didn't kiss her she would say it was me.

I was definitely a natural them days, I even was thinking of routines to pull girls then.
So no issues with my hair colour then.

Secondary came Sheen school, yes you guessed it so did the names and bullying a lot of my friends went to other schools, I always stuck up for myself or ignored people that hassled me but it did dent my confidence by probably 90% which is a hell of a lot I was now an total AFC.
I had one girl friend through this time and not for long and it was at 13.
I fancied a girl at school who I hardly ever spoke to (now I know her very well but that's for later maybe).

I went to Richmond college with a new attitude in life and I didn't know anyone in my class and not many in my college.

I changed my hair style to curtains it was either that or a skin head (wish I'd gone for the skin head now).

One girl knew me called Candy ran over to me and we chatted that never happened in secondary school. We made friends other the holidays and she was friends with my buddy Spanners. She noticed my new hair it gave me a boast of confidence.

In my class I just tried being alpha and funny and ended up the main guy in the class, which wasn't hard as there were no cool people in it.
I ended up pulling one girl in the class who had a major crush on my, not the best looker but best in the class.

The year ended I was 17 and I had grown in confidence but this next year was filled with all knew people and they were cool, I still had red hair but I had put a few blond highlights in it. Also some guys and girls acted like the alphas and bullies in my secondary school.
I stuck to my guns and held the frame of the leader like the year before, people still laughed at my jokes but also tested me, but as an equal this time. No one tried to bully me and no one mentioned my red hair but my mate I had made there.

He was Filipino called Jay and rolled with some could be dangerous very high alpha people.

Meeting them was very hard specially cos I was the only white boy. Jay and I also rolled with another guy and his posse, again I was the only white kid and these guys were also HARD. In both groups there were the guys that liked me and those that ignored me and a few they didn't really want me around and tried to shit test me, but never about my hair. No one would hassle me about my hair even a few guys from my secondary school that use to.

Also I grow 7 inches over this period which made me 6 foot yes I was small at school too and skinny and pale.
I now walked with confidence and started buy semi decent clothes.

I slowly lightened my hair bit by bit to make it look natural not just a over night change. I also started putting some fake tan on not loads just like summer glow cream. I styled my hair like Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet (1996) and made my eyebrows a little darker, I copied his face expressions and mannerism.

I was even confident enough to go for a job interview remember I was super unconfident not long ago.

In a cinema there are 1000's of sets a day and I was soon to meet someone very influential to my life who will also introduce me to Speed seduction. Cool

Age 18 to 20

So I was going out to Kingston wear baggy white shitty shirts and black trousers shinny buckle shoes and a crap hair style

I had spots and didn't have confidence yet to speak to women

I went to Kingston a lot as I had a few friends around there also pubs in Putney were I worked. I could talk to the girls from work and very quickly learned to tease them and neg them.

Though in the course of a year and a half I deflowered 1 girl and snogged and messed around in bed with another. Also the girl I slept with friend use to visit and I snogged her she wanted to be my GF but I left it, then later she went back with her old BF so I shamelessly stole her back then called it off again. Now why was I doing this as I couldn't ever get girls. Well the reason is that I'd been studying Speed seduction.

So I'm just 19 and I go to the pub with my mate and his dad, I meet his dad's mates who are older then me by 7, 8, and 10 years

One guy Mathew was 6,10 feet tall and built, fuck peacocking everyone knew he was about.

Then the Justin he was the older of the bunch 6,2 healthy and smiley, clever guy

Then there was Blade, suit jacket and bottoms, tight white t-shirt, long dark straightened hair, New Rock boots making him about 6,2

He leaned on an umbrella which he sometimes span around and pointed with and used as a prop. I have always been able to sum people up really well and I knew this guy had a secret, he was very charming and friendly, good body language and spoke softly but clearly. He had an outrageous laugh which made you laugh, he didn't drink hardly ever smoked and trained a lot as he was well build, he looked a bit like Antonio Bandreas.

We all got on really well and I was the cheeky young chappy of the group, Blade soon became a really good friend as did the others. He started taking me to the westend were he would stop girls in the street and have then shut there eyes and go on a journey with him, or a roller coaster ride or talk about objects in shop or coffee shops. It was all so wonderful and interesting to me, I had to have in! Shocked

So Blade told me there was this Guru out there called Ross J and he taught guys to meet chicks in the streets and coffee shops and stores

So I tried in the Cinema at work and got a gorgeous Swedish girls to go on a date with me, she still remains one of the best looking girls I have been with we had a few dates till she went back to Sweden, but I did mess up our first date by wearing too much aftershave she sneezed all the way through the film Tongue

I use to read all Ross's newsletters waiting eagerly for the new one to come out also had his tapes (no CD's then) and Ross had his little book out then too, which I still have

My first ever opener which I used all the time was "has anyone ever told you you're a shining example of genetic perfection"? I told Ross this a few weeks ago in X's flat and he laughed and said sorry for that, I replied "why it got me laid so much and still does". Then I told him my SS line, he loved it Grin

Anyway back to the story, so I still had no clue about club game Ross's stuff was for day game. In Kingston for the 1yr I had been going I only ever got one snog on the dance floor.

So I thought its time to start perfecting my own art of seduction.....