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How To Get Her To Take Her Clothes Off by Chris Jackson
In this special Bonus Report, you will learn some of my best secrets for getting your date to want to remove her clothes when you're making out. After all, persuasion is really about getting another person to want to do what you want them to do. Before we begin, let me also stress what this report... >>More<<
Secrets Of A Sex Magnet by Chris Jackson
I promise that if you follow this program, and are willing to have an open mind, you will easily meet the kind of women that you're looking for, and be able to get them into bed. There's one thing you must know beforehand. This book isn't going to do it for you. What I mean is... most guys buy a... >>More<<
How To Get Her To Make The First Move by Chris Jackson
In this report, you're going to learn an easy way to overcome shyness when it comes to making out with a woman. You're going to learn how to get your date to make the first move. But what does that mean... making the first move. For our purposes here, we'll define it as... Getting her to initiate... >>More<<
Becoming A Master Of Oral Sex by Chris Jackson
I am asked constantly by men who write to me "How do I please a woman orally?" or "How can I get better at oral sex?" And after reading thousands of responses to my questioners from women of all walks of life, nationalities and ages I truly believe that in order to be great lover you must be... >>More<<
Secrets Of Undressing Women by Chris Jackson
Secrets Of Undressing A Woman is a special bonus book to Secrets Of A Sex Magnet book. In this special bonus, you will learn something that most men will never ever figure out on their own, and that is... how to strategically undress a woman to minimize the chances last minute resistance to having... >>More<<
Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery by Chris Jackson
The Ultimate Ecstatic Solution To Premature Ejaculation The Tantric Approach to Making Love For As Long As Your Partner Wants, While You Experience More Ecstasy Than You Ever Imagined Possible.I want to tell you a true story about a typical sexual encounter between me and the sexiest, most... >>More<<
Importance Of Non Verbal Communication In Military Leadership by Chris Jackson
Effective communication involves more than just words. Emotions such as friendliness, respect, acceptance, rejection, dominance, submissiveness, anger, fear and humour are conveyed primarily by signals that fall within the domain of non-verbal communication. When verbal and non verbal messages... >>More<<
Common Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex by Chris Jackson
Common Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex. This is a free ebook. You may give it away at your web site, offer it to your list, include it as a free bonus, include it with a package deal, offer it to other web sites, put it on a disk, give it to a friend ... distribute it any way you want.... >>More<<
10 Ways To Empower Your Communication by Chris Jackson
There is so much to know about conversation that anyone, even I, could ever realize. You can go though watching talk shows radio programs clubs dedicated to public speaking ordinary conversations certain rules still apply when it comes to interaction through words. It may sound... >>More<<
Leadership Skills by Chris Jackson
Many years of experience in Exploring have shown that good leadership is a result of the careful application of 11 skills that any post leader or officer can learn to use. With practice, these skills can become a part of the adult's or youth officer's leadership style and will prove helpful in... >>More<<
How To Influence People And Win Them Over by Chris Jackson
You will never to be able to control people, but you will be able to let people control themselves in ways that benefit you. If you tell people what to do, they may not listen to you and will probably resent you. You must get people to do what they want to do, while you influence their control over... >>More<<
101 Ways To Build Happy Lasting Relationships by Chris Jackson
Dating and marriage is different than it was twenty years ago. In today's society, more than 50% of all marriages fail for one reason or another. Just thinking about that makes "commitment" seem scary. It seems that when relationships are faced with challenges, people quit trying. Dating is more... >>More<<
25 Of The Hottest Places To Find Women Online by Chris Jackson
If you?re looking for sites online where millions of hot and beautiful women are desperately waiting for you to contact them, well, you?ve come to the right place.Sit back, relax, and grab a cold one. In the next few minutes, I?ll show you the exact sites to reel in more women than you could... >>More<<
The Perfect Love Match Free Guide by Chris Jackson
Learn how to date hot women online. Here's the good news for all those who had online dating blues, the fact is that online dating is very easy and hassle free if you do it right. If you have been trying for while to score a date online but haven't found anyone till date, then it means you were... >>More<<
Most Common Mistakes Woman Make When Men Do Not Call by Chris Jackson
Sadly, but it has happened to most of us. You meet a great man. You start dating, and whether it's only one date or twenty one, but you just can't help but think he may be the one. You start fantasizing about him and making all kinds of plans in your head that include this great man you've met. You... >>More<<
Get Your Ex Husband Back Everything You Need To Know by Chris Jackson
If you want to get your ex husband back, be ready for some hard work. Getting back with someone whom you've have had a past relationship with is difficult, especially if the relationship is as deep as marriage. Why? Nobody really asks for a separation from his wife unless a very big issue or... >>More<<