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Chris Nosal
I got ahold of Chris Nosal, also known as Captain Blue, the creator of Bad Guys over AOL Instant Messenger. He's quite an interesting guy, so I thought I'd present an interview with him, for you guys. He liked the idea, so here it is, your interview with the creator of Bad Guys.

LogoPresents: Hey chris, how's it going man?

Christ Nosal: It's going just fine Mr. LogoPresents, who is my good friend.

L: Hahaha...dude, you're going to make people think I'm faking this thing, you giving me compliments like that. :) Anyway, I'd like to ask you some questions so people can get to know you a bit more.

C: Haha, we can change that first one if you want.

L: Nah man, it's all good, don't worry about it.
L: Anyway, ready for some questions?

C: Yes, yes I am.

L: Alright man, good to hear it. First one, when did you start using flash?

C: I think it was 2000 or '01. I remember it was Freshman year of college.

L: Was this the first time you have used your artistic side? Or were you already an artist?

C: Well, as far as animating, I had been making animated gifs about a year before that. I'd drawn a lot before then, really badly. Mostly stickmen.

L: I remember seeing your stick animation with pirates. That was a very long, and good animation. How do you maintain focus on your longer animations? Do you ever get tired of it?

C: I was really sick of working on that one. I worked on it over a span of about 3 months, and there probably a whole month or more in the middle when I didn't do anything.

When I animate, I feel like I have ADD. I just want to get up and walk around and do anything but animate. That's why there's not a lot of animation in what I do now. It's the only way I get shit done.

L: I feel very much the same way, sometimes it's hard to put down what's in your head, onto the screen.

What has inspired your animations? Namely the "Bad Guys" series?

C: Well, a lot of times I just write down anything funny that pops into my head at any given time and just tuck it away. And eventually I see if any of these things fit together and try to work a story around them.

Like, today I was sitting in my car listening to some NIN and a lyric made me think of something funny, and I jotted it down on a brown paper bag. And I think I've got a spot for it in the next Bad Guys episode.

L: Speaking of the next Bad Guys episode, any spoilers for us?

C: I'm thinking the next one is going to have a Sci-Fi theme.

L: Sounds interesting. I'm sure it'll have that classic Bad Guys touch, that'll make it absolutely hilarious.

While we're still talking about animating...what was your favorite thing to animate?

C: I think it was the first Bad Guys episode. Everything about that episode felt really effortless.

L: But it sure did explode onto the NewGrounds scene. It was...or maybe even still is in the top 50 forever. You have a loyal following behind you. How does that affect you?

C: It surprised the hell out of me. I half expected the first episode to get blammed. And at that point I hadn't even planned on making any sequels. It's awesome though. It's always nice to be appreciated.

L: Any notable fan experiences?

C: I had a guy email me once asking permission for him and his friends to perform Down At Juice Bar for a school project. I told him to get me video if he could, but I haven't heard back.

Also, my friend's brother tells me Bad Guys is taking over Oakland University (where I went to college) like a plague. People quoting me and whatnot.

L: Good god. So it extends beyond NewGrounds...amazing.

How long do you plan to continue Bad Guys? Do you plan to do any other type of animations? If so, have anything in mind?

C: I'll probably keep doing Bad Guys until I run out of ideas. It's just my general humor outlet.

As for other animations, I'm trying to work on one now that's based on a short story I wrote a couple years ago. It's a bit more serious, but it has it's funny moments.

L: Seeing something serious from you would be quite odd...though I'm sure it'll be great none-the-less.

OK, I'll try to wrap this up, I'm sure you've got things to do. I'll ask some quick-answer questions.

What music do you like? Bands? What's playing now?

C: Lately I've been listening to some Beck, NIN, Ben Folds, The Flaming Lips, Sigur Ros (amazing band from Iceland), Tom Waits, Radiohead...

L: Right on. What have you been watching? Favorite movies? Notable things you've seen come across NewGrounds?

C: One of the best movies I've seen recently was Serenity. I just got Season 3 of Home Movies on DVD, I've been meaning to watch that. That's a great show.

L: Home Movies is a good one, a very unique, Dr. Katz style of humor. I can see the relation between Bad Guys and Home Movies.

Boxers or briefs?

C: Boxers.

L: Favorite food?

C: I've been answering "pizza" to that question since I was like 6, and I see no reason to stop now.

Cheese fries at Outback are pretty damn good too though.

L: Hahaha. Alright, 2 last things.

1) Your favorite saying

2) A saying that represents you

C: Shit, I don't know.

My grandpa used to say "See you in the future, if not in the pasture." I always liked that.

I'm not sure what represents me. Probably something like, "hey that guy is weird."

L: Hahaha. Alright man, thanks for your time. I wish you the best of luck in your future animations. Any last words while you have the chance?

C: Uhh...pineapple, hubcap, pillow....shit that joke was lame.

L: Yeah it was :D

C: Well, that's what I'm here for.

L: Lol, for sure...Ok man, thanks again.

C: Yep.