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Unlimited Selling Power How To Master Hypnotic Selling Skills by Donald Moine
This book applies Ericksonian hypnotic techniques to the interpersonal sales process. It covers developing rapport through pacing, using stories and metaphors, eliciting criteria and developing script books amongst many more. This book is full of penetrating insights. If I had one book only on the... >>More<<
How To Get A Girlfriend The Seven Essential Skills For Attract Woman Of You Dreams by C Kellogg
The first part of this book discusses the necessary components of a confident, secure, attractive inner life. Women are very sensitive to the energy or "vibe" that a man has. Without a solid and centered inner life, a man projects insecurity and fear to the world. Women can intuit this, and will... >>More<<
Persuasion Iq The 10 Skills You Need To Get Exactly What You Want by Kurt Mortensen
Mortensen (Maximum Influence) draws on Howard Gardner's research on multiple forms of intelligence and Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence to introduce his concept of PQ--the specialized intelligence required for the art of persuasion. While the book is primarily geared toward marketing and... >>More<<
Visionary Leadership Skills by Robert Dilts
If you are a leader, aspire to be a leader or just want to be led by others within an organisation, this is the book for you. The author presents the role of leadership in ways that have perhaps not been presented before as well as offering new approaches to old problems. As with all this author's... >>More<<
Mastering Nlp Coaching Skills by Sunny Stout Rostron
Course Book for "Mastering NLP Coaching Skills with Sunny Stout Rostron" May 24, 2004. "Mastering NLP Coaching Skills" course Objectives:1. Understand the key components of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), or Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, that can be used in coaching.2. Learn to use NLP coaching... >>More<<
Life Skills Workbook For Clients by Ranae
Life Skills Workbook for Clients. This is a workbook designed to enhance self discovery. Inner work is a continuous life process. The more you focus on knowing who you are, the better your life will work. This workbook is meant to take you to the places where you might have trapped trauma and... >>More<<
Leadership Skills by Chris Jackson
Many years of experience in Exploring have shown that good leadership is a result of the careful application of 11 skills that any post leader or officer can learn to use. With practice, these skills can become a part of the adult's or youth officer's leadership style and will prove helpful in... >>More<<
Presentation Skills by C Kellogg
Presentations are one of the first managerial skills which a junior engineer must acquire. This article looks at the basics of Presentation Skills as they might apply to an emergent manager. >>More<<
Basic Arousal Communication Skills by Jd Fuentes
BASIC AROUSAL: an Introduction to High-Impact Communication, Covert Hypnosis, and Getting What You Want, By J.D. Fuentes. Basic Arousal is meant to do two things: a) give you a little taste of the pleasures which the skills and tools offered by can afford you, and b) demonstrate... >>More<<