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Matt Radmanovich's Biography(Photos)

Matt Radmanovich
Matt Radmanovich appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

The guy who always puts his foot in his mouth Age: 26 Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA Occupation: Property Manager Status: Flew across country to surprise his only girlfriend & she dumped him upon arrival.
Matt is that funny, dorky guy that everyone likes but no one wants to date. He doesn't have a problem talking to women per se, but he can never seem to turn it into anything more than friendly banter. He is constantly afraid that his witty references sail over the head of girls (a la Jon Favreau's character in Swingers) and that his frequent mentions of current events don't really "rev the engine" in girls. Matt is surprised he is applying for this show and not Jeopardy, but he realizes that knowing who shot President William McKinley won't really get him a phone number and Mystery's skills will. His passion is certainly not his wardrobe, as his Costco brand jeans will attest to. Matt feels that if this were the 1970's, he'd be a superstar given that he has a thicker bush of chest hair than Austin Powers. However, in modern times he is self-conscious of it and worries that he comes off as a sleazy disco owner. Matt has only had one long-term girlfriend, and that was in college. Things ended poorly when she dumped him England after he traveled there to visit her, where she was studying abroad. He has always resented this and it is now serving as a major motivator for being on this show. If Matt can get over some of his physical insecurities and be more confident with ladies, maybe they will laugh with him and not at him. He's got all the skills locked up there somewhere; he just needs the right help getting them out. He is tired of his perennial friend status and doesn't want to see another girl he likes end up getting swept off her feet by some other guy while he watches from the sidelines.