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The Hi Pitch Hottie's Biography(Photos)

The Hi Pitch Hottie
Simeon Moses(aka The Hi-Pitch Hottie) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 27 Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA Occupation: Writer Status: Cried when his only girlfriend broke up with him Simeon is the frat boy that couldn't get laid. He LOVES to talk and his voice goes up several octaves when he gets excited. As a kid, he moved around a lot and it was very hard for him to make friends. It also didn't help that he was the smallest kid in class and would constantly get picked on by other kids calling him names like "Puny Thing" or shoving him in lockers. After a few years of this, he decided to make a change. He started to talk more and be more outgoing to ease the transition of going from school to school. Instead of being the shy quiet kid, he'd be the funny outgoing one. He also started studying Mixed Martial Arts and now fights at a very advanced level. Though he was making strides, he still wasn't getting the girls. So when he went to college, he decided that the only thing to do was to join a fraternity and all his girl problems would go away. But they didn't. He didn't kiss a girl until he was 20 and didn't have sex until he was out of school at the age of 23. His problem was that he was so funny that he always became the friend and never knew how to spark any romantic interest. Simeon needs Mystery's help. He wants to learn how to create sexual tension and get out of the friendship zone so he can find the girl of his dreams.