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The Complete Memoirs Of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt by Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Casanova (1725 in Venice - 1798 in Dux, Bohemia, now Duchcov, Czech Republic) was a famous Venetian adventurer, writer, and womanizer. He used charm, guile, threats, intimidation, and aggression, when necessary, to conquer women, sometimes leaving behind children or debt. In his... >>More<<
Quotes And Images From The Memoirs Of Casanova by Giacomo Casanova
Quotes and images from book "The memoirs of Giacomo Casanova". The memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, who liked to be known as Jacques Casanova de Seingalt. Soldier, spy, diplomat, writer, adventurer, he is chiefly remembered from his autobiography, which has established his reputation as the most famous... >>More<<